California Woods Tree Art Part Deux

Continue on with me through the Tree Art exhibition at Cincinnati, Ohio’s California Woods Nature Preserve.  As we make our way through the final section, keep a look out for the hidden faces and disguised creatures.  See what Ohio’s nature has to offer.

The army of arms.

The army of arms.

Smoothly rugged.

Turtle with no shell.

Body of evidence.


The kiss.

Softly magnificent.


Delicate touch.

Reaching up and over.

Out of this world.

61 responses to “California Woods Tree Art Part Deux

  1. branches from the trunk of tree
    turtle with no shell is sleek
    reaching over
    kiss in the woods
    makes life, out of th world
    delicate touch , majestically soft
    in the hair..what a trip 🙂
    woods in love , do not slip
    or you will trip and break your hip 😉

  2. Hi! I have soooo many questions. You, of course, are not obligated to satiate my curiosity. ;o) 1) do you know how a park in Ohio got a name like California Woods? 2) I am soooo curious how you get the grey color on the wood and make the green pop so much…I am SO green to photography…do you run them through a photo editor to do that? You make all the right things “pop.” I LOVE your work!

  3. I love photographing trees too….LOL. Love the “growth” on the last one and the first is spectacular in my opinion1 😀

  4. The limbs on that top tree are unusually low to the ground. Really a cool view. Thanks for the like of my post “Bird in Flight”.

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