Tree Art of California Woods

California Woods Nature Preserve is filled with a wonderful array of Tree Art.  From the eccentric to the classical beauties, the trees will surely please anyone who happens to find their gallery.  In fact, there are so many wonderful tree presentations there, I am splitting this topic into two articles.  It’s time for you and I to take a walk down the path of Tree Art.  Look left, right, above and below and you will soon discover just what California Woods Nature Preserve has to offer.

Jack's alternate route to the Golden Chicken.

Jack’s alternate route to the Golden Chicken.

Electric current.

Skinny the Squid.

Soft yellow.

Left to die.



Classical Style.

Open wide.


46 responses to “Tree Art of California Woods

    • Is it? I’ve never had poison ivy or poison oak. Everyone else used to get it but my sister and I never did. I think we are not allergic to it.

  1. 246 likes, you are an master .. in this. *smile Brilliant gallery again, very naked and bold, even a bit brutal … “soft yellow” has to be my pick.

  2. jagged open left to die
    old barks of trees, rot and dry
    stanely, squid and crud got classical style
    others are electrofying, hust try to smile

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