Trillium Trail

Covering 2.8 miles of hillside in the forest, the Trillium trail at California Woods Nature Preserve is the perfect afternoon hike location.  Running alongside the Lick Run Creek and traversing rolling hills, the trail reminds one of a roller coaster ride, albeit a very slow one.  Part of the trail is covered with steps and wooded planks to aid those of us who might not be as spy as we used to be.  I hear in the spring, it is covered with wild flowers as far as the eye can see.  This time of year, with the trees bare, it’s easy to see just how the land moves.  Walking the trail, one can easily forget they are within the city limits of a major US city.  It is a nice break from the city streets, honking horns and miles of concrete.

Easy walking

Easy walking


Going up.

Just up and over.

In the distance.

In his element.

Heading up.

Back down.

57 responses to “Trillium Trail

  1. You and your dog … get some exercise every day .. and your camera too – great closeness you have to the nature. Convergence – my pick

  2. Beautiful. A walk in the woods, alone, with the silence of nature surrounding me sounds nice right now. It’s a dreary, rainy day in NJ.

  3. It’s quite amazing how your California Woods looked just like my Newtown Woods here in Co. Waterford in Ireland today. I have a 17-year old son and he has only seen snow in Ireland 3 times in his life ~ at 7 months of age, 15 years and last night. Snow at the sea here in Ireland is so beautiful and I really appreciate your pics of California which has such a place in my heart. Thanks, jx

  4. I love the way you’ve desaturated lots of these photos….apart from a wee splash of colour here and there. Very effective….I did a bit of that today with my photos too 🙂

  5. I love when nature takes over man made paths. It’s so pretty. I just know you will go back in spring to take pictures cause you’re that type of photographer so I look forward to the nature fighting back set of photos!

      • We could be, I am already passed half way to 70! I have enjoyed the outdoors since childhood, visiting them again as an adult gives us a new found perspective on it however; Oh! man that sounded like it came from a old person…I am Old!

      • Not too be a downer, that would be half way to 80…Happy Early Birthday!!! I’ll be there soon enough…within the next few years!

  6. Looks like somewhere I could get lost in. I like the small bits of colour in the grey 😉

  7. J’adore tes photos! I’m lover of de Nature and I love the way that it changes and make me dreams with imaginary territorries. Yours photos have this touch “magique” that let me fly away. Natural places inside ou arround the big cities, it’s a wonderful combination.

  8. Thank you for taking me outside with you. Since I became ill 14 years ago I can’t go out and walk in the woods anymore. It’s really nice to be there in your pictures.

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