Change is a comming

Signs that a change is coming are slowly popping up here in the Ohio Valley.  The birds are doing their famous spring dance.  The hardiest of flowers are showing their colors and the others are starting to bud.  The old of winter is starting to fall off and fade away.  The air is changing.  Mother Nature is pumping her giant air freshener into the air, filling the sky with fresh new smells.  All of these signs are saying that soon spring will be here.  I’m ready.  Are you?



Sunny side.


Green hearts.


Yellow splash.



Purple splash.

Strength in numbers.


Seymour doing the “Spring Dance”.


  • White with green or  yellow hearts-Snowdrop Galanthus   or Spring snowflake Leucojum vernum
  • All Yellow-Winter aconite Eranthis hyemalis

94 responses to “Change is a comming

  1. What delightful images! I love the BW background with the color image of the flower. . . what is that called, I forget?
    Anyway, do you know what kind of flowers they are? They are dainty, delicate, a beautiful carpet of white glory!

  2. Living where you are you have such definite changes to the seasons. I’ve never lived anywhere that has that – we just have really hot or cold (nothing like the kind of cold you get with snow). It must be very reviving to see the signs of spring coming after the freezing cold of winter. I love the way you have shown that in these photos.

  3. sign of spring. Love the flowers and the colour and composition of each picture very much. It make a wonderful framed picture to hang on wall in living room, this is a lovely series. Well done, buddy!

  4. Beautiful shots, I just wish spring would get here a bit sooner… freezing cold temperatures and snow here in the South East of the UK.

  5. Our scenery has completely changed .. I have the snow now and my snowdrops … was laying very weak on the ground yesterday after a tough weekend .. and today I woke up to snow … that yellow flower is the first sign of spring over here – Eranthis hyemalis – we call it – Vintergäck – translated into engl. “winter aconite” Does snowdrops grow wild over there ???
    In some parts of UK and Ireland daffodils grow wild ..
    Fantastic Spring Gallery – my favorite must be the Vintergäck.

    • Wow, snow. We are actually getting flurries today and it’s a bit cold but I am sure in a few days it will warm up again. It’s up and down here this time of year.

  6. We still have at least 5 feet of snow in our front yard. I am so ready for spring!! Wonderful pictures. Making me crave grass and flowers and warmth!

  7. Absolutely love the flower pictures. Your splash of color really grabs your atention. Incredible as always.

  8. Loving the dancer.., Seymour! And the splash of purple!

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my 2nd reblog page?

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