Sometimes Land

There’s a spot near the river that’s sometimes there and sometimes not.  It appears when the water is low, providing a look at what lies beneath.  It’s a place where rusty old nails, tree anchors, thick mud and odd debris call home. A place where one must watch their step if they dare to traverse, for a natural obstacle course of stubs, quicksand and roots await.  Despite the desolate look of this place, beauty can still be found.  A hidden beauty awaits those who dare the trek into the sometimes land.

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The passage.

The passage.

Obstacles await.

Seeing sunlight.

Strange finds.



Land of Tetanus.

Guard dog.

A bit of orange.


Old friend.

Location: Lake Isabella Park, Little Miami River, Loveland, Ohio.

50 responses to “Sometimes Land

  1. Land of Tetanus is so provocative. There’s a painting by Wyeth, “Christina’s World,” that it reminds me of. My grandfather had it hanging in his study. He was a lawyer, judge, philosopher. I remember him asking us from time to time about the painting, “is she a cripple? (pardon the term, it was the vernacular of the time) or did she just wake up? Or did she fall down?” I remember those chats, never had a answer though. That root structure, and the way you shot it, reminds me of those talks. Thanks, Seth, again, for the beauty you share.'s_World

  2. I love the starkness in these photos – I envy your life Seth! While I know it probably isn’t as romantic as I’m imagining it, I would love to spend time in the outdoors shooting like this, and sharing with the world. You have such a great eye – I just finished a book by Cormac McCarthy called The Orchard Keeper, where there are many rich descriptions of nature. It’s a hard read, but you might like his writing. Best, – Bill

  3. I was hidden beneath, the waves that covered and I thought I was deep
    But..the water went off..yep..secrets revealed !! the ugliness, lost everyone can see..I am a spot..who wants to get covered immediately..water is clothes for me, without those lapping waves..I feel bare..and I feel ashamed..the world can see..what was left on me..wasted items, broken twigs, leaves, or food..everything that was thrown landed and stayed on with me..I with the pictures of my disposed self..sort of am not at ease.sethsnap can you cover me please

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  5. There is a sadness and melancholy I remember from I remember visiting such sometimes places when I lived on the east coast near deciduous forests. Usually grey and winter but many interesting things to discover always

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