It’s back

I woke up to a winter wonderland.  Mother Nature, bored with the dull landscape of winter, had been busy while I slept painting everything white.  The trees, bushes and weeds were showing off their new white tuxedos.  Everything looked fresh, new and clean.

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Scenes of white.

Scenes of white.

Under the tree.

MN a bit crazy with the white paint.

Cotton Candy snow.

The passageway.

Randy and Rita enjoying the snow.

Snow monster.

Perfect hiding place.

Keeping it clean.


Blessed with beauty.

Beautiful drive.


Tree snowball fight.

Freda and Scotty, ring-necked duck, out enjoying a winter swim.

147 responses to “It’s back

  1. In the UK we sometimes have similar falls of snow and you have to get out immediately with your camera. Leave it a few hours and the trees will have shed their snow and you’ll have lost the magic you’ve captured here.

  2. Wonderful snow photos, Seth. I envisioned waking up to a similar landscape. However, despite dire forecasts, the precipitation today in the Washington D.C. area came mostly in the form of rain, so that all we got was a slushy mess that was not at all photogenic.

  3. Very beautiful photos… Thank you for sharing. You don’t realise how much you miss snow until you live someplace that doesn’t really ever get that much (ahem, Christchurch!). Very stunning. PS. Randy and Rita the Deer. I was laughing at that!

  4. Hi Seth, just wanna ask for Phillipp & Priscilla, you know, the “Duck Love Company”. Are they (and of course all the others) well? Even in Old Europe we had headlines in newspapers about the coming back of Mr. Winter to your spot 😉

    • I heard that. Everybody was all excited and nothing happened. Sorry. I’ll be posting some more snow pics soon. 🙂 Hope those will do.

  5. We’ve had a wonderful winter of snow this year (compared to 25 years ago, of course, it wasn’t much) and I’ve enjoyed every flake! I particularly like “keeping it clean”

  6. Seth, truly a winter wonderland. I love the soft hint of colour throughout your photos!

  7. The snow white fairies love the trees
    Each branch they adorn easily
    gives the branches grat company
    makes the forrest look heavy
    slowly the browns are hidden under white
    and the sun gives a bright light
    two cute ducks take a dip and back
    sethsnap takes pictures to delight
    good track 🙂

  8. Mother Nature is a bitch! Beautiful pics though…She is at my door step as I type…complete with high winds and snow…I just wish she would move on already! My poor flowers and birds are gonna die…Where oh where is Spring??? Great Pics!

  9. We have been enjoying some great ‘spring like’ days here in the U.K. Temperatures actually reached 11c. only a thin fleece for walking. But I fear there is very much a sting in winters tail to come. Certainly cold again, now raining, high winds from the north east forecast so I guess snow would not be a surprise. Funny how we both love and hate snow all at the same time. Some great images again to-day. Cheers

    • I don’t like the bitter cold but I always enjoy seeing the snow. This time, the snow won’t last very long. It’s warming up here.

  10. Seth this just like you. So usual. So fantastic. Great work. Freda and Scotty…. Ha ha love it.

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