It’s back

I woke up to a winter wonderland.  Mother Nature, bored with the dull landscape of winter, had been busy while I slept painting everything white.  The trees, bushes and weeds were showing off their new white tuxedos.  Everything looked fresh, new and clean.

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Scenes of white.

Scenes of white.

Under the tree.

MN a bit crazy with the white paint.

Cotton Candy snow.

The passageway.

Randy and Rita enjoying the snow.

Snow monster.

Perfect hiding place.

Keeping it clean.


Blessed with beauty.

Beautiful drive.


Tree snowball fight.

Freda and Scotty, ring-necked duck, out enjoying a winter swim.

147 responses to “It’s back

  1. Very nice, Seth. After 3days of spring weather, the winter returns to Europe tomorrow as well, with a vengeance: snow, ice, -11°. Did you shoot those, or paint them(not the duck). Berlin is bracing.

  2. This is why people come to Michigan – to see all this beautiful snow. I doubt Floridians get tired of warm weather as we get tired of the cold. Thank goodness the snow can be beautiful!

  3. wow…it looks like my place!!! you know as much as I dislike snow it looks so stunningly beautiful when it is fresh, white and undisturbed…I know your snow won’t stay long…mine always stays until the end of March, sometimes into April…there is the difference! these photos are brilliant Seth…I particularly love “keeping it clean”…but all are wonderful! 🙂

  4. Hi Seth,
    We havent’ had the same pleasure over here to enjoy the same. I love Howard the snow beautifies everything. Merci Maman :).

  5. Sometimes I forget that much of the rest of the world is blanketed in snow this time of year while I enjoy the California coastal sunshine and brief rainfall. Thanks for the view without the cold and shoveling! Beautiful photos!

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