Princess Sofie

I ran across a few more members of Queen Josephine’s royal family today while out running errands.  They were mingling with the local deer, spreading the goodwill of the Queen.  Princess Sofie, the only child and the Queen, and her entourage were enjoying a nice brunch at a local field.  Like her mother, the Princess is very elegant and charming.  It seems the deer of Nunner road have a bright and promising future.

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Princess Sofie.

Princess Sofie.

A reliable bodyguard.

Looking at her future subjects.

I’ve got an itch.

Keeping guard.

38 responses to “Princess Sofie

  1. I wanted to comment on how your subjects are always so fittingly named and ShruTroup just took the words ‘right out of my thoughts’ somewhat literally. How do you do it?! Great photos as always.

  2. Ok so I’m creating a new song. I missed you the last time, but this time I really want to use your photography in this video. Hit me as soon as you can and let me know if that’s cool with you. It’s an acoustic pop cross-over hip hop kind of thing. Thanks!

  3. I love Deer! So Beautiful! Great Pics! How’s the Weather I saw the “Winter Weather Advisory”. Rain here for the first time ever…LOL! Let’s regroup and hit this head on. Spring is on it’s way My friend! Best wishes from New England.

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