Jackson’s delight

Jackson loves the cold.  When the smell of snow floats in the air, some sort of deep feeling in his bones urges him to run, run, and run some more. He wants, no he needs, to pull something.  When he was a pup, he loved listening to his mom and dad tell of the great sled dog stories of his ancestors from Siberia.  Though he will never be a sled dog, he carries with him the great husky love for people, helping mankind, and, of course, the love of running.

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Watching you, watching me.

Love thy neighbor.

Let’s race!



98 responses to “Jackson’s delight

  1. Hi Seth (I can’t show my kids these photos as they start nagging me about not having a dog..) Love how you caught Jackson crouched and ready to go – not an easy moment to capture – all that energy being gathered and about to be released.

  2. Jackson you are so handsome!! Amazing looking fur friend! I love it when your papa posts pics of you and your companion pooch. I can’t remember his or her name! You both are just gorgeous! You go go Jackson!!

  3. Good lookin’ dog. At least he has some land to roam on. I’ve seen people have huskies in Texas apartments! Should be against the law.

  4. I had two huskies growing up, and some other dogs since, but Sneakers and The Governor were the absolute best (minus the tumbleweed-like clumps of hair everywhere). Great pics!

  5. I used to have a Husky. Brightest blue eyes–she was my jogging partner. I think she felt like we were tied up to the sled, for she always stayed right next to me, never in front or lagged behind. I miss her! (Can’t say i miss her shedding! Ha)

  6. my first time of seeing Jackson, what a beauty! Someone near where I loves has a husky puppy which I see at the shops now and then, gorgeous dogs. Can you not make him a little trolley to pull? 🙂

  7. I love it when you show us Jackson 🙂 he’s fabulous Seth. So can I send him hugs and kisses too ?:D hugs ceri

  8. Beautiful dog.
    I know someone with a dog like this. I overheard her talking about her talking about the dog saying that he likes the snow because he’s a Siberian husky. Then she clarified “he’s not from Siberia, he’s from Gorseinon.” Well it made me laugh. 😀

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