Duck love

It was a cold snowy Ohio day when Phillipp’s life changed.  Just out of university, he’d been drifting, not sure what to do.  Lonely, broke and depressed, he made his way to a local park.  Looking to be alone, he was angered to see a large gaggle of geese occupying the pond.  He didn’t care too much for geese.  They were big dumb bruits with a funny accent.  Leaving, not paying attention, he bumped into her, his future.  His future was named Priscilla and she was beautiful.  As the snow fell about them, their eyes slowly met and everything finally made sense.  Even today, after twenty-five ducklings and years of bliss, he still blushes at the thought of her.

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Phillipp alone.



Look behind you.

The chase.

The meeting.

The meeting.

Forever together.

78 responses to “Duck love

  1. Hi Seth, thanks for popping into my new blog – you were my first visitor!
    I love the way you make the story for the ducks – we used to have a pair live in our garden – she had just one foot and he was so protective of her – just lovely to see.

  2. Thank you for the love story! I don’t know if you check me out regularly or not but I do write coworkers and friends’ love stories along with my own dating experiences. Sweet story and cute pictures!

    • I personally don’t understand the urge to kill anything(except spiders) but I get that it’s some sort of primal need for some. It does help with overcrowding. And is needed. I just don’t understand the joy of doing it.

  3. “Look behind you” and “The meeting”, have an unreal quality that remind me of watercolor paintings–very complimentary to the subject matter and there is also an added dreaminess that contributes to the romantic story of Phillipp and Pricilla 🙂

  4. Hi, Seth. I have noticed you’ve liked a few of my posts, so I finally sat down, caught my breath, and visited others who offer descriptions of life’s moments either with words, photos or both. I am glad I visited and am now a follower. You have some great photos. Having spent some time in Cincinnati, some posts are reminiscent for me. I’d be interested to learn about your methods of photography – cameras you prefer, settings, things you’ve learned along the way in capturing your memories. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Amy

  5. I’m not sure if I commented on this….I just really read it. The pictires are always great. The piece as a whole is just very enjoyable 🙂

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