Winter lingers.

The clouds blanket the area, blocking the sun, throwing snow around, and making the world look harsh.  The wind whips to and fro, chilling everything with its icy fingers.  The hardiest of folk are out and about, determined to “do” when Mother Nature is saying “don’t.”  The geese from up north linger close to each other, looking for companionship and warmth.  It’s March and Old Man Winter is not ready to leave just yet.  His welcome has long since worn out.

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Cold Ohio March.

Cold Ohio March.

Cold slumber.

Winter blue.

Spring is lost.

Winter tree.




Catching snow.

Geese galore.


56 responses to “Winter lingers.

    • It’s alright up here. 🙂 A bit cold but here in Southern Ohio, not too bad. It’s actually be a mild winter but right now it’s flipped back to cold.

  1. You captured the essence of “old Man Winter”. Don’t like winter. Can’t wait until it ends. There are some signs of Spring on warmer days; but as you said…Winter lingers….

  2. Love the stillness of the photos!!
    It got cold for us Floridians yesterday, and my crazy Siberian just sat outside on the lanai by herself for awhile!!

  3. It does seem like winter is hanging on till the very last moment. But I keep thinking, perhaps, I see a bit of “spring” peeking in around the edges of the gray clouds. 🙂

  4. I dig the calm indifference that emanates from the geese in the photo. Unlike humans rubbing their mitts to generate warmth, these geese nonchalantly gather on the water, no sense of chatter about how cold it is, just an acknowledging nod to each other that it’s another day at the cold face.

  5. Canada Geese are in Ohio too? I thought they are only here in Canada! (just kidding)! 😉 Great photos, but I do hope spring will come soon!

  6. Oh my goodness. More snow! At least the water isn’t frozen over this time. Spring is just around the corner. Ask the geese, they will tell you so.

  7. A certain stillness chills but also soothes me -in a good way- looking at these pictures Seth .

  8. Lol i get so into your pictures and the nature of them..and then an animal pops up and I’m a five year old kid again squealing. Great captures. I love winter. I’m brooding about the weather being too warm ( It’s still cold out and snow is expected for this week, but it lost that bitter chill and crisp winter has).

  9. “Solemn” is a lovely image with great composition. If you don’t mind me being critical …… it’s a shame the sky is little burned out. If you’d been able to keep some detail, or lose it completely and have a subtle gradient, the wonderful atmosphere you’ve captured would go through the full image.

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