Your story: The Birds

I was out in my backyard when a scene unfolded in front of me.  I don’t speak chirp so I couldn’t quite catch what was happening.  I now look to you to decipher the events from the pictures below.  Please tell me what happened.  It would also be nice if each character had a name.  If you are really feeling spry, some background information about the individual birds would be welcomed.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Put on your most cherished mu-mu, turn on your favorite Neil Diamond song and go! To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

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70 responses to “Your story: The Birds

  1. Josef and Samantha decided to conquer the entire birdfeeder. It was a joint effort, but they were waiting so long that they enemy had already gotten bored and flew away. Still, they had the plan and decided to attack the thin air as a show of power.

  2. No Matter

    No matter where you go, I will follow…no matter how tiring the times, i will be your matter how rough the days, I will tag matter how far you go, I will be next to you..No matter how long you take, I will wait to be the partner for life..

    No matter I live or die…True love forever survives…

  3. The finches were not about to let that mottled cardinal (and that was a problem in and of itself–it wasn’t a cardinal with true coloring–it was one with unusual coloring, so it had to be attacked) get at any of their food. And because it’s getting warmer, and we’re geting into nesting and mating season, territory wars naturally erupt. Voila! But you managed to get it on film–congrats!

  4. Bird One: Hey how’s it going.
    Bird Two: I’m just grubbing
    Bird One: Is it good?
    Bird Two: You’re gonna have to see for yourself

    I love this. What an amazing eye you have. 🙂

  5. Hey hurry up I think I can see them coming Back
    Just a bit longer we will have it
    Ok but Hurry
    Oh your going to have to get down here to much to carry

  6. El pinzon meets l’hirondelle in a beautiful garden after their long solitary journeys following the stars and magnetic fields. They couldn’t communicate in their different languages, but they slowly tried get to know each other until they decided that this magical place would be home.

  7. Cheery was hungry. She was perched on the shepherd’s hook, looking down at the feeders. She looked to the left. She looked to the right. The feeder on her right had her favorite seed, but Snibbin, Dearling, and Beaujolais were eating there. Mavrodaphne was on her way over to the other feeder. Cheery looked down, watching her, and decided to join Mavrodaphne. Cheery chirped hello and said how much she really wanted the other seed. Mavrodaphne answered, “Me too!” Suddenly there was an invitation chorused by Snibbin, Dearling, and Beaujolais–“Join us!!!” –so Cheery and Mavrodaphne flew over to the other feeder. Their friends all shifted places to accomodate them and they had a lovely breakfast together.

  8. Seth, you got me with your birds.
    1- Happy Hour!
    2- I’m too shy to join a crowded bar!
    3-Here I go, it’s too bad to miss a party!
    4-Ah, nothing beats making new friends.

  9. The exaggeration of the red on the beaks reminds me of Spielberg when he did the same thing to the little girl in the red coat from Schindler’s List…Cool

  10. If it is anything like our bird table, then the cardinal is keeping a watch for the squirrels, who will be sauntering down from their drey, ready to gorge themselves on seeds. It’s the bigger birds who lose out at ours; the little finches, wagtails and robins just nip in quick and flutter away. The magpies and the pigeons have no chance with the squirrels…

  11. birds seem to have a pecking order
    usually it is quite simple
    smaller birds give way to larger birds
    finches are quite high strung
    Cardinals will rule that roost
    even two are no match
    This Cardinal decided to check out feeder #1
    but then decided feeder #2 must be better
    because two finches were busily snacking away
    it pays to wear red in the bird kingdom
    especially if you are a Cardinal… *s*


  12. Todd, you were right. Adding these bird feeders has really livened up the back yard. Just look at these beautiful cardinals dance from one feeder to another. I can’t wait until you add the water feature!
    ( 🙂 dreaming of my backyard)

    • Well, these are actually my neighbors. We added a bird feeder to the front yard because the dogs hang out in the backyard as much as possible and the birds wouldn’t come near them.

  13. So many (all-you-can-eat-birdie) restaurants – so little time!
    Well, we’ll just eat and run cause we’re cutting in line!
    – Great pics!

  14. Did you hear???
    Hear? Hear what?
    Didn’t you hear what they put in that feeder?
    What!!!? What did they put in there?
    That food from that store, you know the one.
    Try the other feeder. It’s much better.

  15. I really love this concept of interpretation. After all, we all see things differently. As for me? I think the Big Bird was (un)fortunately using the smaller guy as a scout “You see anyone here? No? ok fly on to the next one. Let’s see if you get eaten before I head over”

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  17. Redbill: go on folk, no cats in sight…
    Redeye: have to check the other side…
    Redbill: don’t be foolish, there isn’t something to eat
    Redeye: what…?
    Redbill: come on…
    Redeye: need a shoulder…
    Iam lucky, my girls have no school today and they understand a bit of chirp… 🙂

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