My kind of entertainment

I enjoy a bit of TV now and then.  I’m hooked on social media and the internet.  I love interacting with people.  But my favorite entertainment doesn’t involve these activities.  My kind of entertainment consists of drives on country roads, imagining silly pet commentary, meeting new animal characters, and sharing it all with you.  My mama says I’ve always been this way.  If you sit and talk with her, she’ll fill your head with stories of adventures that even I can’t remember.  So welcome to another of my silly shows. I hope it makes you smile.

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It was a cold rainy day

It was a cold rainy day.

The world was in slumber, or so it seemed.

But things were oddly arranged.

Everything was disheveled and out of place.

The berries knew but were silent.

Then it happened.

They started to arrive one by one for the main event.

He had been training for months and was ready for the rumble.

Sammy of the birds versus

Jackson of the canines.

165 responses to “My kind of entertainment

    • Thanks. Jackson is a Siberian Husky, a close cousin of the Malamutes. I don’t know what kind of bird. I’ll investigate or perhaps someone on here will know.

      • Siberian Huskies and Malamutes really *do* look very alike, don’t they? My husband met a pair a few weeks ago but he’s not certain of the breed – he remembers that one had one blue eye and one brown and that they were very pleased to meet him!

        The bird looks to be from the Sparrow family, but British Sparrows are brown all over – apart from male Tree Sparrows who have distinctive black caps 🙂

      • It probably is a sparrow. And yes, the huskies and malamutes are very close. I think the malamutes are a bit larger in girth than the huskies. The huskies also, I believe, have friendlier personalities.

  1. Oh I’m totally with you, I’m happiest when I’m having a walk in nature, taking photos of things that catch my eye, watching the sky and clouds, making friends with trees (yeah, they’re my friends, don’t anybody laugh), watching animals come and go. I just love it. It’s when I’m happiest. Love your pics, beautiful as always 🙂

  2. “The berries knew”, “Then it happened” and “Jackson of the canines” are my personal faves of the series… but the whole thing tells a lovely story. Well done and thanks for sharing your forays, creativity & talent with us all. 🙂

  3. Great shots. I loved your blurb at the top too. I’m the same way. I love internet and TV but sooner or later I need to get outside. Posts like these are always inspiring.

  4. I always love reading (and enjoying life through) one of your stories. It’s like curling up with a favorite book.

    Sammy looks pretty tough … but I think Jackson may be able to take him. (Oh, those blue eyes! Love. <3)

  5. me too Seth, nothing better than getting up in the am, before the birds, and being somewhere to watch the world wake up…..makes my whole day fantastic!!! and LOVE the dog, is he yours? So beautiful, I had a halfwolf, half husky that had two white eyes, smartest dog I ever had, someone stole him when he was about 10, nearly killed me! loved him to pieces!!! thanks for posting the picture, it took me back to some happy memories of him chasing everything that moved, even leaves…hehehe….. 🙂

      • don’t know, only know when I went to post his picture at the store down the street, there were about 10 others posted that had vanished too, all husky types…..
        very sad… but I knew he’d never run away, or get lost, he was too smart… 😦

  6. I like the sound of your Mama Seth 🙂
    Stories and imagination are the stuff of life .
    I love your outlook on life and way of seeing and telling of such things to me … to all of us …

  7. Mentioned you on my blog yesterday, thanks for the pictures, as always, they make me feel as though there’s magic in the air around you.

  8. Hello, Seth. Someone leaving a comment on the QuinnCreative blog, mentioned yours, so here I am – and I’m delighted! Nice little nature walk…the berry picture is exquisite!

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