Take a walk with me to an old neighborhood in Cincinnati, filled with color, art and excitement.  It’s a place that the Germans built many years ago.  They named it Over-the-Rhine.  They built their homes, stores and offices with character and heart. Once lost and almost forgotten, it has become alive and vibrant again.  No longer a haven for the criminally inclined, it now houses art students, families and young professionals.   Its buildings are as rich, detailed and beautiful as its storied history.  Though there is still much work to be done, Over-the-Rhine is alive again.

Visit my store.



Grand entrance.


Cracked up.

What’s going on?



Is it my turn yet?

Good luck star.

Rainy day.

Building art.

Hanging out.

Beauty just above.

Beautiful hat.


Winter dress.

Bird’s eye view.

Layers of history.


Ready for spring.

Beautiful trim.

Old yellow.

Rising above.

One day my prince will come.

109 responses to “Over-the-Rhine

  1. Wow! I love “Rainy day” the cobblestone and reflection in the puddle…amazing picture! Great captures with the rest. The broken window. The girl looking out the window. I love those candid shots. You have a great eye!

  2. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love the fact that you take seemingly everyday scenery and turn it into something artistic that requires several more looks. I think it’s a great metaphor for what you should do in life. 🙂 So glad I found this blog, and hope to put in some orders in the future.

  3. Its great when something old and forgotten is brought back and becomes useful again, even more so when the buildings are beautiful and steeped in history

  4. I enjoyed this as a virtual tour in an ancient building. Is it occupied? I could see a person there. A visitor like you? Does the building exude any special murky scent of bats or frozen paints? I sensed so.

  5. Look at all the work that went into these beautiful buildings…just amazing…I am so glad you captured their spirit…Have an awesome week…Regards, Barbara

    • Ha, ha…Seriously though, they are putting a lot of effort into this and it seems to be working. When I first moved to Cincinnati in 1999, I wouldn’t have set foot there.. now it’s much better.

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  7. For 5 years, I lived in Dusseldorf, Germany, which is right on the Rhine. These photos brought back those memories, particularly the church steeple, which so closely resembles one on Dusseldorf’s Rhine riverwalk.

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      • I’ve lived in the neighborhood next-door to OTR for almost 7 years. The changes in that time-and especially the last 2 or 3 years-have been extraordinary. I hope some of that filters into my neighborhood sometime soon.

  9. I used to live just down the road, off of Vine Street. Great post here, Seth, it made me miss home!

    Also, a vast majority of the next section in my novel is mostly set in downtown Cincinnati… I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate some of the references that’ll be popping up if you stay tuned in the future!

  10. Wow, nice photos! I see what you mean, you could have taken those pics in Germany. I love the bleached-out look!

  11. I love the buildings Seth! Brilliant places with architectural beauty! Love the details and your photography brings them out splendidly.

  12. I enjoy the details in these photos of buildings. I am a pen and ink illustrator of 8 historical tours in Delaware and Lancaster, those details make me smile!

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