Take a walk with me to an old neighborhood in Cincinnati, filled with color, art and excitement.  It’s a place that the Germans built many years ago.  They named it Over-the-Rhine.  They built their homes, stores and offices with character and heart. Once lost and almost forgotten, it has become alive and vibrant again.  No longer a haven for the criminally inclined, it now houses art students, families and young professionals.   Its buildings are as rich, detailed and beautiful as its storied history.  Though there is still much work to be done, Over-the-Rhine is alive again.

Visit my store.



Grand entrance.


Cracked up.

What’s going on?



Is it my turn yet?

Good luck star.

Rainy day.

Building art.

Hanging out.

Beauty just above.

Beautiful hat.


Winter dress.

Bird’s eye view.

Layers of history.


Ready for spring.

Beautiful trim.

Old yellow.

Rising above.

One day my prince will come.

109 responses to “Over-the-Rhine

  1. “Take a walk with me to an old neighborhood in Cincinnati, filled with color, art and excitement.” Was it a concious decision to have the photos in B&W and desaturated as opposed to showing off the colour of the neighbourhood? Just curious…
    Really like “Rainy Day” the cobbles and the puddle remind me of here.

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