Oh the things you’ll see.

Take a drive on a country road in the dead of winter.  Look past the trees, over the hills and around the bend.  Discover new things, new creatures and new scenes.  Forget that you know where you are and pretend you’ve never been there before.  Let go of your worries and imagine them floating away in the wind.  Find your way home and step into your yard.  Close your eyes and hear the world around you.  Listen closely at the sounds that float into your head.  Open your eyes and believe that you’ve entered a new world.  Look around, under and near.  Focus on the small and uncover the hidden.  Notice the shapes of the earth and hone in on the lines of the sun.  Do this every morning and you will never be the same.

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Hidden beauty.

Hidden beauty.

Two friends.

Notice me!

Ice trim.


Still here.


89 responses to “Oh the things you’ll see.

  1. Beautiful photos! And nifty words too … “listen closely to the sounds that float into your head.” Hmmmm. But as I live in a metropolitan area, I probably won’t be able to drive into the country EVERY morning. Once in awhile, though. Definitely once in awhile. In the interim, I’ll be popping the cork on a good (but inexpensive) bottle of wine instead.

  2. Thanks for the like!
    Fantastic blog, everything here is just stunning.
    “Focus on the small and uncover the hidden.
    Notice the shapes of the earth and hone in on the lines of the sun.”

  3. Your photos are stunning as usual…the first and the lst are my favorites. I also love what you’ve written today. Its such good advice. Dropping our assumptions and getting curious is a fabulous way to live creatively 🙂

  4. You have some serious winter – mine is just cold and very windy. Hate it. Give me the softness and beauty back. Wonderful gallery again – and my choice will the top one.

  5. Hi Seth, you gave me permission once before to use the old cross cemetery photo on my blog…I have used the same photo again for today’s post ‘Spirits Seeking Justice:From Beyond the Grave. Please let me know if this is okay with you…otherwise I can use another photo. Thanks!

  6. Seth, beautiful photography and sensitive use of the resources of digital editing. Your name of ‘Seth’ btw I would have chosen for my younger son had it been my pick so I love it. Still, let’s look to the greats for inspiration for our creative energy and see it like it irrationally seems. ‘Wot’s in a name she sez…An’ then she sighs, An’ clasps ‘er little ‘ands, an’ rolls ‘er eyes. “A rose,” she sez, “be any other name would smell the same.’ (The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke by C. J. Dennis). Thank you. Kind wishes and greetings from Australia, Seth. Christina.

  7. that top photograph reminds me of antlers! I love them all, and its a funny thing, we don’t get much frost here (in my part of Australia) but I had just made a wishlist of things I’d like to capture this year, frost was on it, and I searched flickr and google for some inspiring shots…. these were what I was looking for all along. Thanks for always inspiring me

      • very occasionally, more often when we take a weekend down south in winter – sometimes the windscreen of the car is frosted over. When I was growing up we had to sometimes cover some of the plants at night when it was going to be cold, but I think our winter’s are warmer now and I don’t do it.

  8. {{{Clapping}}} Beautiful simplicity! Thank you for the trip 🙂
    All of them are precious, however the last picture with the little bird fluttering to the right of the fence is stunning!

  9. You use selective color more effectively than anybody around, Seth. When you apply it, the image looks as if the color really should be there. Not intrusive at all. Superb! 🙂

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