Tree Art of Shawnee Lookout

The tree art gallery at Shawnee point is filled with an impressive array of beautiful pieces. The trees there have a long history of bringing their very best.  Thousands of years ago they preformed for the Native Americans and today they show off for us.  From the beautiful to the humorous, they present something for everyone

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Pinocchio's lost half.

Pinocchio’s lost half.

The guard.

Another UFO crash.

Tree hug.


“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.”

“Silence, I kill you.”


Jump rope.

Self portrait.



Half heart.




37 responses to “Tree Art of Shawnee Lookout

  1. Love these! That jump rope looks like a big smile to me! Made me grin! And I think that you have an interesting typo in your intro. I didn’t know if it was purposeful or a whoops! I’ll let you find it and let me know!

  2. I love looking at your photos cuz they always inspire me to try something new… I did take some pictures of trees just yesterday, but haven’t downloaded them yet. LOL Yours are always so masterfully done. 😀

  3. We have a lot of fallen trees around here, and they do make very interesting subjects. When the tree has completely uprooted, it is amazing to see just how much was underground. Like icebergs, with almost as much spreading out below, as is visible at ground level. Nice photos and nice idea Seth. regards, Pete.

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