Day moon

The moon was up early yesterday.  She came out in the early afternoon and provided us with a beautiful day view.  The trees paying homage to her, lifted up their hands high in praise.  They sang a song of early spring, dancing to a strong wind that enveloped them.  “Moon goddess, Moon goddess we worship and adore you.  Fill our hearts with your rays long into the night.”  It was a beautiful song.

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Day Moon

Day Moon

“We worship you.”

Arms held high.

Beautiful afternoon view.

79 responses to “Day moon

  1. You and nature seem to go hand-in-hand…I’m captivated. There’s nothing like a good shot of the moon, but in the day-time? Fantastic! Thanks for sharing (:


  2. Isn’t it quite amazing how the moon makes her appearances ~ day and night ~ at different sides of the world. She made one of her delicious daytime visits to us here in Ireland yesterday too! Love the idea of the trees paying homage to her ~ and they should as should we!

  3. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for clear skies since I got my Barlow lens for our telescope last Sunday. These photos make my hands itch to get out there and start shooting but alas we have a typhoon so I have to wait.

    Thanks for the like on my blog.


  4. I love taking shots of the moon, especially when it shows itself during the daylight. You have quite a way with words…I should hire you to write my blogs 😉

  5. I’m glad I found your capturing of this! The “Day Moon” is always something I notice and don’t easily forget. Even in the daylight, she holds a beauty all her own.

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