Beautiful resting place

I recently visited the Lebanon, Ohio cemetery.  The cemetery was started in the mid 1800’s and has over 11,000 burials.  It is a peaceful place for one to rest.  The stones are situated among large trees that provide eternal shade and protection.

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Beautiful resting place.

The Entrance.

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  1. That first photograph looks like it’d be the ending of a horror movie where the survivors walk away or the beginning of a drama where the main character buries a loved one. Great shot.

  2. In college I did a photo study of cemeteries. They used to fascinate me. My grandparents’ and mom’s gravestones are beautiful, with handcrafted tiles made by my brother set into the stone. But I don’t like visiting the cemetery – too deep a reminder of what I’ve lost. I love your pictures.

    • Yes. I have mixed emotions about them as well. But, I usually find them interesting. Reading the old tombstones and just how short the folks lives were.

  3. I love your photos. As a child I spent many hours in .cemeteries..because I loved the old gravestones and the tranquility of them. One vacation spot had a disused churchyard beside and I spent days cleaning off the gravestones. Yes I know I’m a strange one but revealing the beautiful carvings and the lettering made me happy. The modern markers are no where near as beautiful unfortunately.

  4. LOVE that you posted cemetery pics! I’ve always been drawn to old cemeteries and never really knew why. I’m not a dark or gothic person, I just wonder who these people were and try to imagine what they went through based on what their tomb stone might say. I remember going to a cemetery almost in my Grandma’s back yard, and taking a piece of paper and charcoal so I can transfer what some very worn tomb stones said on my paper.

    As always … great photography and interesting subject. Maybe one day I’ll get around to posting my cemetery shots. You’ve inspired me.

  5. Hi Seth,
    I love old cemeteries. Besides Photography, I also do Genealogy. Old cemeteries are real gold mines for family info.
    Have you done Père Lachaise or other Parisian cemeteries?

  6. I’ve had a hard time taking pictures in a cemetery, but you did a great job. You know, I heard once that if you use Google maps to zoom in to anywhere in Ohio, you’ll end up in a corn field between two cemeteries. It works every time.

  7. You have some great snaps Seth – but is this collection of the most popular? Keep up the great work 🙂

  8. Looks tranquil, but I wouldn’t want to be buried anywhere. Scatter my ashes in the wind so that I may roam alongside it forever. 😉

  9. My Mother was compiling information for the county historical society. We traipsed through all the local cemetaries. My favorite cemetaries were those by old country churches. BTW, we ran across the grave of a Revolutionary War soldier.

  10. Wow! Wonderful, this cemetery is amazing… it made me remember the Gothic stories I read, as you know I love English and American Literature. I love books, I am crazy for books… I loved these pictures. Where I can see more… can you send me some? Due to the horror movies, people created a stereotype about it. But I see cemeteries as the peaceful place and the saddest one, because we miss the such special people in our lives and knowing how difficult to understand is the death.

  11. You know, here in Africa people are generally afraid of graveyards…think of graves and conjure up a vision of zombies. Anyway these pictures take away that feeling…it actually looks…inviting and serene. Indeed a “beautiful resting place”.

  12. Great shots! Congrats.
    There is an impressive cemetery in Vienna, Austria – called Zentralfriedhof (in translation Central Cemetery) – one of the largest in the world. I never thought I’d took a photowalk in a cemetery, but this particular one changed my opinion about it (few shots here: ). That was one of my very first photowalks. So thanks for the opportunity to remember this!

  13. Cemeteries have always intrigued me. Sort of eerie, beautiful architecture, and poignant. Many emotions that can produce beautiful photography. Just like yours are within this post! Love it!

  14. I always find cemeteries beautiful, in a stark way, and interesting subjects for photographs. But, I also think it’s hard to get good and interesting pictures of them, too. I tend to feel that too many of my shots end up being boring or too expected. I really enjoyed seeing what you did with these. They are wonderful!!

  15. Ps – is it just me, or did I sense that you sense the “otherworldly” aspect of certain places? If not I mean no offense. Take it as a compliment that you’ve just done your job well. Just a hunch.

  16. Seth, these are haunting. I can feel the granite, the cold, the solemnity. There’s a film called “Democracia” on exhibit right now at the Hirschhorn in DC. It’s a massive juxtaposition of five hooded and gifted parkourists doing their thing in a Madrid cemetery where many communists and Marxists are buried. The antics of these “street” gymnasts are respectful, but clearly flouting the irony of being 6′ under versus performing parkour in a burial ground memorializing the fallen adherents to regimes. Your images are provocative, they reminded me of the film. Nice job.

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