Beautiful morning in the neighborhood

What a beautiful morning it was yesterday, filled with sunshine and bits of glimmering frost and snow.  The cold air surrounded me and teased my exposed skin, making me feel alive.  A squirrel stopped by and offered a “good morning” as he scurried about his work.  As far as the eye could see, the earth was adorned with its white winter outfit protecting the sleeping grass and flowers below.  Soon, they will awaken and Spring will be here.

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Let the sunshine in!

Frozen mirror.



I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

111 responses to “Beautiful morning in the neighborhood

  1. Seth, here in India it is after 2:00 p.m. not sure the time difference but I think that means you do your blogging in the middle of the night! I often catch your blogs soon after posting and thoroughly enjoy! Especially it’s heating up here, so the snow is like…..aaaaah! kai

  2. The leaves and flowers laden with snow
    the sun is up, we see it we look down on the stream
    little squrrel is alert, with its tail held up high
    tree has branched off, in a “V” and “W” style 😉

  3. Thank you for bringing so much beauty to us. It’s wonderful to watch the seasons unfold…I have only one season (maybe 2) here in S. florida.

  4. Are you sure you didn’t hand-place the snow on the leaves in that first photo? It couldn’t be more perfect! 🙂 Early morning sunshine is gorgeous, too. I look forward to seeing your photos–the captions are the bonus!

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  6. Beautiful! The Squirrel one is too funny 🙂 I love squirrel tales hahah I can’t believe I’m admitting to that. I used to have a pet squirrel. If I can find pic I will post it 🙂 I raised “Niko” from a baby. They did not think he would live but I tube fed him and kept him warm..and he did . Good memories ❤

  7. I love the shots of the sun across the ice. So, so pretty!! I’m jealous that you guys had snow that actually stayed around on the ground. Ours just melted as soon as it hit. Ah well. At least I can live vicariously through your wonderful photos — as always! 🙂

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