Queen Josephine of Nunner Road

Around these parts, deer seem to be lurking around every corner, waiting to jump out and play a game of chicken.  They rarely stay long in one place, often jutting off after they’ve caused you a fright.  But a couple of days ago, one deer decided to stop and pose for me.  She calls herself Josephine, queen of Nunner Road.  Surrounded by bodyguards, she felt comfortable enough to give a speech.  I wasn’t quite sure what she was saying as she spoke in broken English.  I did catch a few words like “peace” and “love”.

I hope to see Josephine again and have more time to discuss world politics with her.  It seems we might share many things in common.

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The Queen.

The Queen.

“Peace and love y’all.”

Nervous habit.

“My friends…”


Keeping watch.

Spread the word.

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