My Perfect Sidekick

Todd was gracious enough to allow me to shoot a few photos of him while we were visiting the preserve.  Since I generally do nature photos, I’d like to get more experience with portraits and he was nice enough to be my guinea pig.  He is the perfect model, don’t you think?

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76 responses to “My Perfect Sidekick

  1. Hi Seth,
    What a wonderful idea! Todd is nice to want to be your model :).
    The third one is really expressive; I also love the one with the colorized blue of the jeans :).
    Hoping to travel this path this year and try outdoor portraits, too!
    Au revoir, mon ami 🙂

  2. Such portraits open a window on your life and it gets more personal than nature shots. You are a talented nature photographer and it is true that nature is more photogenic than any other topic. But Todd is perfect among the nature you photography so much every day. So go ahead with portraits too!

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  4. I love the pictures. They do convey so much emotion. But you know what I miss? Your captions! (That’s not a complaint; just letting you know how much I appreciate the words you choose with your photos.)

  5. Great shots. Portraits in BW seem to convey more emotion than color…loved the last one of Mr Todd walking away in a happy mood.

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