Hanging beauties

Even in winter, as most of the leaves have fallen and been absorbed back into the earth, one can still find beauty hanging from trees.  In summer and fall, when the trees are crowded with leaves, it’s easy to notice the beauty of the foliage.  But we often miss the singular beauty of each individual leaf.  This time of year, when only the fittest have survived, clinging for life, not wanting to go, the beauty of the lone leaf is exposed and we can easily hone in on its uniqueness.  Perhaps it’s our appreciation for the stubbornness to fall.  Perhaps it’s our understanding of the desire to continue to live and bear witness.  Whatever, it is, it’s beautiful.

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Touches of light.

Bright blue.

Lovely lime.

Winter hibernation

Orange crush.

Grounded butterflies.

Beauty marks.

Graceful living.

64 responses to “Hanging beauties

  1. Love the way you got a few leaves, as you write, hanging in there, despite the winter.
    From a place where we see leaves almost year round, it is a beautiful reminder of the changes of seasons.
    Thanks for sharing, Seth.

  2. This was difficult to make a pick from …. So delicate and beautiful all of them – but to train my eyes for details .. and to learn from that. I want to pick one and it’s the last one.

  3. those are American Beech tree leaves in the first image. My yard is full of those here in Virginia. They don’t fall off until “pushed” off by the “babies” that come in March.

  4. They are really beautiful pictures. The beauty of simple things in life which are more often ignored, you gave life to them through your photographs.

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