Beautiful day on the trail

I went for a walk on the bike trail a couple of days ago.  The sun finally came back after its long vacation.  It warmed the frosty February day, creating a busy thoroughfare of bikers, runners and walkers.  The river, bolstered by the snow melt, was moving at lightening speed, slapping against the many rocks and in the process creating the symphony of rushing water.  The birds were weaving in and out, playing a game of chase with me, daring me to take a photo of them. I failed. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods.

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Shine through.

Looking at you looking at me.

Riding time.

Natural sign.

Ride into my scene.

Scenic bridge.

The other side.


Picnic area.

UFO crash.

Almost not noticed.

Turtle appendage?

Resting place.

Forest acne.



Rusty stop.

Around the bend.



90 responses to “Beautiful day on the trail

  1. I love photographs of trees, so incredible and diverse and some are just weird, but all are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I wish I were looking at wintry trees now instead of summer heatwaves and not enough shade to go round.

  2. Seth: Great work! Fine composition and depth of field. Thanks for commenting at my Elm Drive Images.

  3. Seth, is there a name of this trail? May be in that neck of the woods over the summer with our bikes so would be nice to know, looks so lovely. Nothing like a nice windy trail through the woods. shanti…

  4. Some really great shots and I particularly love the witty names like ‘UFO crash’ and ‘Forest Acne’!

  5. I thought those trails looked familiar we have the same here near akron. the pictures were really nice, I am myself getting cabin fever and can’t wait to get back out there on the trails, can’t go hundreds of miles but can go a couple or so. my dogs will love it too. poor things haven’t been able to walk them much not just due to the weather but my health problems.

  6. lol…love all the little things you manage to find along the way…the trail looks so beautiful as you’ve captured it I’m wondering what it will look like in the summer…completely different but still beautiful I’m sure…

  7. I just spent some time sifting through your site and pictures! You have some wonderful images…I enjoyed your site very much! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! 🙂

  8. Your description was very vivid…wish I had somewhere to walk where the water rushes past. Loved the photo looking up from under the bridge with just a spot of blue in the corner. Stunning.

  9. I like how the fence in that first image reinforces the leading line of the path through the trees. That, with the shadows coming back at you, makes for a very appealing view. Well done on these, but especially that.

  10. Fantastic pictures, they remind me how beautiful winter can be. I love the bridge and the “UFO” one, nature makes the most stunning subject 🙂

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