Lake Isabella: Finale

For my final post in this series, I thought I’d share with you a few photos of the inhabitants of the lake.  While there, I met many interesting creatures, including trees, ducks and geese.  The trees were eager to show me around.  While they weren’t as abrasive as the trees near the Little Miami River (See Treenapped!), they still vied for my attention, posing in various ways.  I also encountered a couple of geese and some ducks.  The ducks were shy and not pleased with my attempts to photograph them.  But the geese were happy to allow me to snap a few portraits and even some action shots. I enjoyed my visit to the lake and encourage each of you to take a trip to a local lake and see what you find.

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Stanley posing for me.

Stanley posing for me.

Susan dancing for me.

What are you looking at? Don’t make me hiss!

Send a big “Hello” to our friends and family back in Ottawa.

How do I look?

Hurry Frank, he’s after us.

Bend to the sun.

Lovin’ the view.

Green ceiling.

Bean art

Stumpy’s sad.

Head, shoulder, knees and toes.

56 responses to “Lake Isabella: Finale

  1. The tree photos are wonderfully textured and beautiful. But, I have to admit that my heart belongs to the geese. Just love those hissy-honking fellas! 🙂

  2. Oh! Th ducks made me remember the story of the Ugly Ducky that my mom always told me… So beautiful your pictures. I love pictures with animals e nature.

  3. Thanks for liking one of my posts Seth! I love your photos and will follow. I specially like those little details you capture 🙂

  4. Hey Seth – we saw you liked us and had a look at your blog. Impressive photos – and particularly like your comical take on wildlife photography. You really capture the personalities – even without the captions! And I love the peeling trees and little remaining leaves of winter – well done.

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