Mother Nature is not in the mood.

Today is one of those days when you want to curl up in a nice warm quilt, put on a fire and read a good book. Mother Nature is in a foul mood.  She has her grey sweatsuit on and she’s having a bad hair day.  Even though Mother Nature was not in the mood, I went out for a short trip to Lake Isabella.  I have taken quite a few photos and will be sharing those shortly.  I drove along the Little Miami River for about fifteen minutes before arriving at the park.  Here is what I found.

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Cabin in the woods.

Smell the wood burning.


Beauty mark



81 responses to “Mother Nature is not in the mood.

  1. The grey sweatpants is a genius phrase and great pictures. Also, it looks like one of the trees in the second picture resembles smoke curling out from the right side of the roof. Though, I might be seeing it because I’m tired.

  2. I live in a warm city and I have to travel quite a bit to see snow, but these pics give me the “wintry” feeling without having to experience the cold. Great way to evoke feelings through images!

  3. I tell you that your mother nature is in a far better mood than mine. At least she provide you with some beautiful object … love the barn/house with the green trees in the front … lovely photo. See you tomorrow – over midnight here – time to go under the duvet.

  4. “Today is one of those days when you want to curl up in a nice warm quilt, put on a fire and read a good book”- That’s every day for me! LOL.

    Nice set. It looks lonely though. Not much movement about the outdoors eh?

  5. I actually would love a cabin in the woods right now! These are magical and beautiful! I love the look of the trees behind the cabin in the photo – Smell the wood burning 🙂

  6. Your photos capture the mood so well through imagery and color. I feel warm when looking at some photos, and shiver at others. Now I fully understand the meaning of “A picture is worth a thousand words!” As a writer however, I will stick to the words and leave the imagery to the great photographers!

  7. Sometimes I see spirits in pictures…will let you know if I come across any in yours. I did find one recently on another blog and pointed it out. I also have my own collection of spirits caught on camera. A friend of mine discovered a portal for entities in a cemetery…different faces show up on the tree…it’s quite amazing. I know you are partial to cemeteries, so keep an eye on the trees.

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