Here today. Gone tomorrow.

The snow doesn’t last too long around these parts.  It visits for a few days and then leaves.  The visits seem to be getting shorter each winter.  So while it’s here, we should enjoy the fresh clean look of the earth, the crunchy noise that our feet make as we walk and the snow art that adorns our neighborhoods with each new round.  After all, tomorrow it will be gone.

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Short life

New carpet

A bit of color.

Fresh coat

Witnessed much snow.


69 responses to “Here today. Gone tomorrow.

  1. You will have seen from my blog that our weather in our part of the U.K. moves dramatically, one day winter the next more spring like than spring which of course is followed by yet more winter. We had snow yesterday but all gone now but arctic winds ripping thru….which is worse than the snow. There was a time when seasons were relatively predictable even for the U.K. but not anymore.

  2. You are spot-on — I agree with you 100% about enjoying the beauty of snow! To many folks only see the inconvenience of it and look right past the utter magnificence of it — nice pics!

  3. Over here it only lasted 4 hours .. the snow – and then it rains again, now I want the winter to come and stay as it suppose to do – and then I want spring. This carry on with rain and snow and rain and snow.
    Anyhow – thanks for listen to me moaning – your photos are love and the way you have caught the flakes … great job. Grey barn is my pick.

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