Dog Photo Thievery: Exhibit One

My camera is a popular item for those with pilfering minds these days.  I woke up from a nap to find my camera out of sorts.  It seems the camera had been messed with.  I noticed a few paw marks on the case and knew that one of my furry family members had been up to mischief.  I quickly uploaded the pictures from the camera and the following is what I found.

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Shaky Baylee

Baylee’s supermodel hair flip attempt.

How does this work? Anyone?

My coy but come hither look.

Let’s play. Did you set the timer?

You better not be taking my picture. I kill you.

Is there something on my nose?

Take the picture already.

Baylee- Look up!

Okay, my turn.


How do I look?

Baylee v. the tree.

Jackson-action shot.


144 responses to “Dog Photo Thievery: Exhibit One

  1. Hi Seth, all these photos are pretty cool, but the second one is AWESOME. The snowflakes on his hair, his focused red eyes(!!)… just beautiful.

  2. Is it not amazing how a dog can simply make your heart beat faster? What power of nature are they endowed with that they gaze into our eyes with such apparent understanding of what courses through our inner being? Seeing your delightful ‘children’ at play makes me wonder if dogs should have inherited the earth rather than us creatures of supposedly superior intelligence. Did nature make a big mistake? Thank you for sharing these wonderful snaps, Seth.

  3. To me, dogs always give unconditional love… They miss you even if you just walked to the mail box..LOL. These are beautiful… 😀

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