Bird Snow Paradise

Today was another cold one here in Ohio.  It continued to lightly snow and most people stayed warm and toasty in their homes.  The birds, however, were out and about this morning enjoying a nice winter morning.  While I was out enjoying the cool, snowy weather myself, I stumbled into a bird paradise.  Birds were everywhere and they were not of the shy variety.  They flew above and around me.  They even strolled past me on the ground.  It seemed they were aiming to put on a fabulous show for me and my camera.

The cardinals were the  friendliest.  They loved showing off their red winter coats.  They dived in and out of sight and over and under fences.  Their personalities were as vibrant as their color.  Of course all the talk was of the Ravens and their chance of winning the Super Bowl.  They had no choice but to root for the bird team.  They got their wish.

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To get a much better view of the birds, click on the photo.


Carmichael the cardinal and his friend nicknamed Junior.

Carmichael showing off his wings

Josey, from Mansfield, visiting the family.

Silvester, the shy.

Murry, the neighborhood watch cardinal.

Furley, the serious.

The local diner was hopping.

Fred and Fancy enjoying each other’s company.

Marlow keeping watch

Charles chillin’

Fence hoppin’


Sitting on the fence.

Playing hard to get.

Yummy bird cereal.

To see more of these birds visit my bird photo gallery.

205 responses to “Bird Snow Paradise

  1. lol…you’ve captured these fellows beautifully, we don’t have Cardinals here, at least I’ve never seen one…the first is so cute with Carmichael peaking around the feeder and Junior upside down! those fellows certainly appear to be well fed… 🙂

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  3. We have a lot of beautiful birds in my part of the country but we don’t have cardinals. I miss them a lot after years in the east. These photos are beautiful and warm the heart like a Valentine. Thank you!

  4. WOW! Fantastic – you captured the beauty of the cardinals, especially Carmichael showing off his wings, Fred & Fancy and Charles chilling!

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely pictures! I love the cardinal pictures, I am especially fond of them. I have a story of a special cardinal that knocked on my window and I believe was a message from my grandfather. It is on my blog…

  6. Oh Seth, these are so beautiful! I just love cardinals in wintertime, their red is so striking against the muted white & gray colors of winter. This brought a smile to my face, thank you!

  7. Hi. In the first picture it looks like he is furious at you by tempering with is privacy. Its picture is fabulous! You take pictures beautifully.

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  9. You are so fortunate! The few birds we see are so shy that if we make the slightest move are sound they are gone in a flash — I can’t get a decent picture of any of them except our resident robin. Very nice photos — makes your area look like it’s teeming with life!

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