The best of 2012: September and October

I started this blog this past September with a goal of sharing my everyday scenes and random thoughts.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in what I saw or had to say.  I have been extremely happy with the direction that this blog has taken.  I have loved meeting each and everyone of you and look forward to continuing to share my sights and sounds.

I thought now, since it’s too cold for any real good picture taking, that I’d reflect back on 2012 and share with you what I feel is the best of those three and a half months.

My favorite shots from September and October:

Ohio trees

From: Fall is near. on 9/19/2012

Mr. tree poses for camera.

From: Photo Scavenger Hunt on 9/20/2012

Krohn Observatory

From: Essence of Eden on 9/21/2012

Cox Arboretum has many wonderful views.

Cox Arboretum has many wonderful views.

From: Cold Cox Arboretum kind of morning. on 9/24/2012

Sun comes out in Ault Park.

Sun comes out in Ault Park.

From: Ault Park on 9/27/2012

Another view of a flower.

From: Up close: front yard on 9/30/2012

Normal night shot from Mt. Adams.

Normal night shot from Mt. Adams.

From: Cincinnati at Night on 10/1/2012

Reflections three

From: Reflections: Newport-Cincinnati on 10/3/2012


From: Caesar’s Creek on 10/3/2012

Farm Sunset

From: Country on 10/3/2012

The conductor.

From: Waldrue Park on 10/18/2012

Todd agreeing to pose for me.

From: In Perspective on 10/17/2012


From: Introducing Leighton on 10/19/2012


From: The Dance on 10/22/2012

The trail

The trail

From: The trail: Part one on 10/23/2012

Most popular blog article: Photographing Cemeteries: Cool or Creepy?

I was really surprised by the response I received from this article.  In fact, I received so many comments, that I had to close the comment section.  I simply couldn’t keep up.

107 responses to “The best of 2012: September and October

  1. Hi, pleasure to meet you! Your photography is beautiful and I look forward to seeing all your work. My first stop will be your Photographing Cemeteries post as you stated it was your most popular article. What a treat! From this post, The Dance, is very special in my opinion…such silence, such calmness.

  2. I am a newbie to your blog and I love all of the images. They are a blessing whilst I lie on the sofa on a snowy Saturday morning contemplating ‘waking up’ 🙂 Thank you

  3. Thanks, Seth, for posting these “greatest hits.” You share your photos so freely and so often that I feel like I have gotten to know you as a person, (your likes and dislikes, what catches your eyes, etc.) rather than just an anonymous provider of visual stimulation and inspiration.

    • Thanks Mike. 🙂 I’ll have another round of bests out for Nov & December. Also, I am going to pick out my favorite stories from each your story.

  4. Seth your beautiful photos and way of giving them such apt titles is always something I look forward to 🙂

  5. As an urban dweller who would really rather being living in the trees, your photos always bring me home. Thank you. I adore the “Sun Comes Out on Ault Park,” and the “Ohio Bike Path” shot. But really, they are all nourishing and lovely.

  6. hmmm…for some reason I thought you had been doing this blog for a very long time? I began my posting to my blog the middle of October 2012, but not daily until November…so missed these…they are very different from what you are posting now…you certainly have a way with photography regardless of how you present the photo…love them and the Photographing Cemeteries was very cool!

  7. You are very creative. Your work is so very inspiring and brings life to life! I LOVE Waldrue Park. It says a lot about the power of trees and greens. Bravo (as we say in French!). 😉

  8. It’s interesting to see your favorites. You get to read about our favorites but we rarely ask you what’s yours. My eyes popped out of my socket when i clicked on the Cemeteries post. I never seen a post with THAT many responses. Wow. Maybe another cool and creepy photo set is in your future?

    PS I will be catching up on your blog in the next few days. Been hibernating for the past week vegging out with tv or reading books. I have alot of catching up to do around wordpress lol.

  9. I’m an autumn girl … love everything about the autumn even the rain – lovely and beautiful photos – my pick has that be the country road. – Country on 10/3/2012 – just love the colors setting and the silhouettes in it.

      • Well, dear friend. Where have I been? I’ve been kinda busy. But I’m back and I will write sth ’bout Aang Lewis. So how are u doing? Wow, is he your partner? I wanna say that you both are a perfect couple… and I thought that that little girl was your baby.

  10. I think this is a great showcase as I have only been following your blog for a month – and now get to see what you think is the best. Great shots here – really like ‘Essence of Eden’

  11. Awesome retrospective! I’m really glad that you decided to start blogging and that I found your blog — selfishly so, because it means I get to look at your amazing photographs!

  12. Lovely! What a fun idea to let us revisit fall during winter. I especially like the composition of “Sun comes out in Ault Park” photo — how the flower and the sun shapes compliment each other.

  13. Hi Seth,
    I so enjoyed being here and discovering the beauty of your world. You remind us that there is beauty talking to us. We just have to take the time to look,listen and yes, push that button.

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