The Moon and Cloud Tango

The moon, clouds and wind were on stage last night here in Ohio.  The moon and clouds danced to the howling song of the wind.  They gracefully interacted in ways that only two lovers could.  The intimacy, passion and chemistry enveloped all who saw and implanted wild and adventurous dreams which were to be realized, though not remembered, later that night in the deepest of sleep.

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Late night flight

Late night flight

Leaving trails


The Tango


Enchanting all



The chase

The grand finale

123 responses to “The Moon and Cloud Tango

  1. What beautiful composition of our photogenic natural satellite! The clouds added a lot of interesting drama. Speaking of night shots, I wonder if you’ve ever tried making star trail photos? (tripod shots with exposure times of 20 minutes or more, long enough for Earth’s rotation to noticeably “smear” the stars when camera is on a fixed tripod). I could imagine some gorgeous night shots of star trails with one of those lovely old Ohio barns in the foreground 🙂

    • Yes. I’ve tried. My camera doesn’t do longer than 30 secs for shutter. I’ve taken several shots and layered them but have not been happy so far. 🙂

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