Blind to beauty

Just under the bottom leaf of a large tree, just past the last house on the street and in view but out of sight lies a hidden world of beauty and intrigue.  Hidden only by our refusal to notice, this world is alive with characters ready to put on a show.  From the old oak tree doing his best sock puppet routine to the fallen leaf living in a half frozen pond, this unique crew calls out for attention. But sadly their efforts go largely unnoticed.  We don’t see them because we are too busy roaming around in our heads. We have forgotten how to use our eyes to see true beauty. Instead, we focus only on what scares us. We are shuffling through life blind, oblivious to beauty just in view.

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Testing 1234


Character lines

Tree puppet

Half frozen

Living sculpture

What lies beneath

Road marker

Farm art


109 responses to “Blind to beauty

  1. I agree…“We don’t see them because we are too busy roaming around in our heads.” this just about says it all, for so many people, myself included…I think you have given your readers something to think about with these words! can’t forget the photos…I love them all but surprisingly the one that caught my eye is “living sculpture”…simple but very appealing to me!

    • Well, well. I looked at your gravatar and I see that you are in Iuka. My Mom is from Iuka and my dad is from Burnsville. They met at a little cafe halfway between the two called “Frosty Mug.” 🙂 Perhaps we are kin. 😉

      • No, they moved to Huntsville, AL area before I was born. I grew up in that area. I did go to Ole Miss for undergrad though. My dad was a huge Archie Manning fan so I grew up a Rebel. The rest of my family live/lived in Tishomingo Co.
        No it’s not there. It was when I was a kid because they took up there once.

  2. Magnificent photos Seth, but also your words…..”just under the leaf of a large tree…” how those words sound and make me want to read more… SEE more and remind me to get outdoors today and look for the beauty that is EVERYWHERE around me. Inspiring stuff!

  3. “instead we only see what scares us”. you’ve nailed it, there. This is exactly what keeps up “in our heads” and unable to see what is all around us. Thank you for keeping your eyes open.

  4. I have a question for you… how happy hare you with the photoshelter site? i’ve been using smugmug…

    photoshelter is a bit more expensive, but, the galleries seem a bit nicer… though, it doesn’t look like any of the photos are watermarked, which you can do on smug much…. i’m wondering if i should switch. have you had success with photo shelter? and are the image copies of good quality?

    • I like Photoshelter. You can watermark them, I choose not to. I have the encryption hidden. I haven’t used Smugmug so I don’t know anything about it. Yes I think the images are good quality. 🙂 They use four different suppliers.
      Thanks John.

  5. I really love old barns, knotholes in trees ( you never know what fascinating creature lives in there unless you look ), burrows underground and old bird’s nests. I guess you could say I was a good ole country girl with a little bit of adventure in her.

  6. Love the way you do that… the red silo. You have such a good eye for the unique… always enjoyable! 😀

  7. Hi Seth,
    I am so agreeing with the sentiment of your lovely photos.
    People are here than far away in their heads. “Here and now” is the best place to be but, daily life likes to plan ahead and structure.
    Thank you for your gentle world of your now. I loved it :).

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  9. You’re doing it right! 😉 Our world is full of life that we often forget to see. Great pictures, Seth!

  10. It’s very easy not to see beautiful things. When they are mundane, we are tempted to take them for granted …

    One of the strongest elements I find in your photography is its ability to capture the beauty in the mundane.

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