Your Story:Keep Out

It’s time again. It’s time for you to write the story.  There is an intriguing driveway just off a small back road near my home.  I often wonder what lies just down the hill and out of sight.  I think you should tell me what I would find if I were to venture down this driveway. Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Open your favorite writing program, turn on the spell check and go!

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105 responses to “Your Story:Keep Out

  1. That is the way to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. A long time ago, the place was covered by brambles and thorny bushes. there were also tall trees all over the place and they nicely concealed the Castle. However, illegal loggers came to the area. They chopped off the trees, cleared the land, made a little path for them to come and go easily with their illegal loot. In the meantime, they found the castle. Prince Charming took too long to come, the loggers stormed the castle and turned it in their quarters. They could not bear to hurt Sleeping Beauty so they spirited her away – to a department store. Now, Sleeping Beauty is but a shadow of her old self, being a nice model of guess what? sleeping clothes. Prince Charming now has to find the department store where Sleeping Beauty models and save her.

  2. what immediately comes to mind? Somes lines from this song:
    Five Man Electric Band – Signs

    “And the sign said, “Anybody caught trespassin’ would be shot on sight” So, I jumped on the fence and-a yelled at the house “Hey, what gives you the right? To put up a fence to keep me out or to keep mother nature in If God was here, He’d tell you to your face, man, you’re some kinda sinner”

  3. “The yellow sign was taunting me; but do I dare risk the consequences of not heeding its warning? The road winds its way down like an inviting trail to a familiar place. I step forward my shoe crunching in the snow a crow flies over head cawing it’s surprise. Quickly I turn back, it is not wise to anger what is not known.”

  4. Said the tour guide to his tourists : “At the end of this snow covered driveway, you will find the beautiful Keep of Mr and Mrs Out who can trace their ancestry to mediaeval Saxony. Having amassed a fortune, but unable to inherent his family’s Dukedom, Mr Out decided to do the next best thing which was to import the remains of his family’s castle to Sethland. The Keep was brought over and installed by traditional craftsmen over several summers.

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  6. Funny thing is a friend once told me that a good friend is there for you, while a Best Friend will help you bury the Bodies…So yeah ummm…Don’t go down that road or you will find our spot!

  7. A modest yellow sign was stuck to a plain tree with branches that reached toward the white sky like bent fingers. The sign read simply: Keep Out. The road past it was neither glamorous nor down-trodden, only simple. Yet, it enticed me so I followed it and was ashamed for not heeding the sign when I found the bodies–nine to be exact. I noticed each one was missing their eyes, and then I turned to see the man staring at me. “Didn’t you see the sign?” he asked, a hunting knife hanging in his right hand. “I did,” I replied. “I’m sorry.” He grinned, then yelled back to the stout woman coming up the road behind him. “Honey, looks like eyeball stew again tonight.”

  8. “shh…keep walking”, said the red eyed man. But, what if they track us down? what if we are spotted in the wild, what if they take away the cash, we will be back to square one again…!!
    The man looked back, smiled, loaded the pistol and fired….

    He walked along…stupid girl, life is such a waste living in “what ifs”….now rest in the blanket of snow and ponder what if i had kept quite and had the hope that we could have made it through…!!

  9. The yellow sign said keep out, but the road lured me on. The trees were barren in the cold of winter, snow outlining their skeletal frames. Just beyond the curve the road disappeared; only the trees remained, cold and distant. I turned to leave, laughing at myself thinking there would be something magical and wondrous when a slight shimmer in the air drew my eye. When I looked directly at the spot where the road merged with the forest I saw nothing, but out of the corner of my eye I could distinctly see a shimmer, like heat rising from hot pavement in the middle of summer. But it was much too cold. I took a step closer and an icy shiver rain down my spine. I took another step closer and…

  10. Keep out. Keep away. Don’t go down that path. Find a different place for your feet to fall.
    Cause down that hidden road covered in fresh virgin snow lies Narnia, Middle Earth and all other places of true magic. Down that road oft’ not traveled by thee lies fairy land.
    Why wouldn’t I want to go there?
    Fool. Have you not read the stories? Have you not heard the tales. What do they teach them at these schools?
    Down that road is the weighing of your soul. Down that road is the measure of the man and the making of the woman. Down that road is trials dark, mighty evil, and little hope. That road takes your soul and fills it with haunted holes and forever longing with no promise of healing on the other side.


  11. Old Man Brown didnt see anybody. Didnt want to. Not since the day Little Johnny Brown died. He had always been lonely.. ever since his dear wife died and he was left alone in the huge drafty mansion. But people visited him. And one day out of the blue. a little fair boy had turned up and chattered away about random boyish stuff and then asked permission to play in the lake. Amused Old Man Brown relented, thinking that was that. But every day Johnny showed up.. talking to the lonely old man before going to play by the lake in front of the mansion. They became good friends and Little Johnny brought cheer and laughter into the house so far into the woods. Until a winter day when the ice split and with a cry Johnny went down. Old Man Brown, too feeble to rescue him panted and wheezed down the tree covered path to his house in an attempt to find someone. But noone was around. Little Johnny died. And Old Man Brown put up a keep out sign permanently on his path.. and his heart.

  12. The owners are tired of hunters coming onto their land and killing the wildlife. They like looking out at the sprawling forest and seeing deer majestically bounding through the glen. They love catching glimpses of baby foxes frolicking in the spring. The owners don’t like people nearly as much as they do the inhabitants of the woods.

  13. Keep out … because of what is coming down the path and we already give you the choice to turn around and you will feel safe … or you can walk on worrying all the time … and then maybe nothing happens. So keep out for the worrying.

  14. “Walking done the path, it’s quiet and serene and cold. It is winter, after-all. There’s a sign that says ‘keep out’, but I don’t mind it. I’ve been here before. The snow crunches as I walk with my eyes to the sky. The trees are bare, no birds in sight. I like the quiet. I like this path and where it leads. The swing pops into my mind’s eye, as I walk and think about past times, spent at the end of this path. Something so simple, yet I thrill every time I come here, so excited to just sit and swing and look out at the lake beyond.”

  15. As if THAT would make any difference she thought heading on down the lane.If only today she’d taken more notice of her surroundings instead of just the KEEP OUT sign . Underneath the newly fallen snow beneath her footprints were another pair . Larger . Much Larger . And spreading through the beautiful snow crystals a crimson pool was forming. The imminent end of her rebellious and scornful days of authority was around the next corner ….

  16. Keep Out!
    I have been asked
    what is down the hill
    and out of site
    doesn’t it make you wonder
    when a sign says, Keep Out!
    just what does it mean
    why people are not welcome
    could be someone creepy there
    or maybe simply weird
    could be someone who keeps birds
    and wants them undisturbed
    or what about a drug dealer
    who is growing plants to sell
    wanting to prevent knowing eyes
    from sending him to jail
    but most likely it is someone
    who is just like you and me
    who desires a life of privacy
    among the stand of trees
    who has come to understand
    to prevent unwanted eyes
    they need a sign that says, Keep Out!
    for people are inquisitive
    and would like to know
    just what is down the hill
    and out of site…


  17. A very, very good artist painted that scene and placed the sign in front of it to keep wanderers from running into his masterpiece… But, it’s also been said that the artist put a curse on his art, causing all who touch it to be sucked into that other world and made to have never existed in our world. So, if you ever happen to see the slightest movement behind that sign, it may be that someone is watching you from the other side.

  18. Reblogged this on The Magill Review and commented:
    This is a great way to write very short flash fiction. Here was my contribution: A modest yellow sign was stuck to a plain tree with branches that reached toward the white sky like bent fingers. The sign read simply: Keep Out. The road past it was neither glamorous nor down-trodden, only simple. Yet, it enticed me so I followed it and was ashamed for not heeding the sign when I found the bodies–nine to be exact. I noticed each one was missing their eyes, and then I turned to see the man staring at me. “Didn’t you see the sign?” he asked, a hunting knife hanging in his right hand. “I did,” I replied. “I’m sorry.” He grinned, then yelled back to the stout woman coming up the road behind him. “Honey, looks like eyeball stew again tonight.”

  19. It’s your venture
    It’s your driveway
    where it leads
    what you explore
    No one knows.
    The question is
    if you will trust
    yourself enough
    fo find it out.
    What is certain
    and comes out
    a snapshot
    of what you found.

    Ehem…. 3rd humble attempt of a poem made by a dancing soul 🙂
    Best wishes, Katharina

  20. This reminds me of a very similar driveway in Connecticut. Long and winding, through the woods, with Keep Out signs posted. A group of friends and I convinced one our friends to walk down it in the middle of the night, while we waited at the street in the car. He got about three quarters of the way in when he triggered an alarm somehow. Sounded like air raid sirens it was so loud. Probably waking people up for miles around. I never saw anyone run as fast as that guy tearing down the driveway back to the car! That was many years ago. Maybe that person got fed up with annoying CT teenagers setting off their alarms, so they packed up and moved to your neck of the woods…

  21. To passers-by, this may seem like a road leading to a magical house in the forest. To a cabin where men meet to discuss literature and smoke cigars while reminiscing on years past. To a quaint cottage where an old woman lives, raising her grandchild whose parents died in a car crash. Or maybe it leads to a militia training ground. But the truth is, it is none of those things. If you were to walk down the road, you would see nothing special.

    But I know where it leads.

    It leads to where he and I used to meet. A sacred place where we would lay our blanket and dream of our future. A place where we would share stories and kisses and bites of chocolate. We met there each week, building our love. We met, until the day he did not come. I waited. Week after week, I waited. This plot of land I inherited lies barren still. I will not build on it for it cannot have the life that was spoken of. Dreamed and wished upon.

    And should he ever choose to return, he will read the sign and it hangs and the words as I mean them: “KEEP OUT”.

  22. As a child, my elders would like to scare me each time we walked past that yellow “Keep out” sign. My elders were very talented at scaring the daylights out of a young girl… Nan Nan said in a whisper that evil men would come here to drink their bootlegged Kentucky bourbon. On some nights, Nan Nan would hear screams and loud “Bang!” noises would wake her up on some nights.
    I stepped my pace as we approched the sign and Nan Nan’s eyes were filled with gentle mocking. Yes, it was not hard to scare a small and impressionable girl, especially after you read your favorite suspense story and let yourself be carrried by a bit of mischief.

    “It’s OK, girly”, Nan Nan reassured me by placing her hand on my shoulder. “Those Ghosties won’t hurt you anymore. Lets go home and eat a piece of my blueberry pie”.

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  25. It’s cold and dark. Maybe I should have listened to the yellow warning minutes ago. But I wanted to know, I needed to see it with my eyes; what lied just down the hill. People said that they had heard screams coming from there but that didn’t concern me at the moment. I passed by naked trees full of snow trying not to find myself in a pit. Only a few steps separated me from discovering the great mystery. For a moment, I froze. A sparkling light appeared in the distance. But I had to keep going. The light became brighter and then the figure of a pale man holding a green old lantern appeared.
    “Where are you going?” he asked me and I murmured my unknown destination. “The frozen lake…” his voice echoed in my ears. “Don’t go there. Those who went, were embraced by the sheer cold of winter. The frozen lake wants your soul. It’s the price of the reckless mind’s curiosity …” I stepped away from him scared and started running ahead. When I stopped, I saw a thick layer of ice covering a small lake in front of me. That man should be crazy. I made another step to admire the frozen beauty but then a thousand lanterns rose from the lake and formed a path. Screams echoed everywhere.
    Only two words… KEEP OUT!

  26. I live at the very end of a mile-long dirt road I call my driveway. The driveway ends at the old red bard (c.1901) which houses my lovely mini donkeys and sheep. Look to the left and you’ll see a large pond stocked with wide-mouthed bass that seem to jump in your fishing net during the long days of summer. Let your eyes gaze farther to the left and you’ll see the old spring house and summer kitchen next to the restored log cabin I call home. These three buildings were built sometime around 1847 and were cared for my two slaves, Peter and Sevilla. Surrounding my little slice of heaven are hills and trees that protect my privacy. It’s a special place away from the every day hustle and bustle.

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