I was at the river taking some pictures when out of nowhere a limb came down and snatched my camera.  The trees had kidnapped my lens. They all took turns snapping photos of each other and themselves.  They passed the camera to and fro and I was worried I would never see it again.  But, after a bit, a birch tree handed back.  The birch, handing me her business card with contact information, asked that I inform her when their pictures would be displayed.  The email has been sent.

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Showing some bark

The posse

Showing fur

Pit shot

Being silly

Holding hands

Dancin’ & grovin’

Look, right there!

Feet shot

Giving me the bark.


117 responses to “Treenapped!

  1. Lol, you are so silly! I was thinking of ya earlier, was walking to the store and it just started to snow but it was that fine sand looking snow so everything was coated with snow but it was so free flowing. When a car drove by it wasnt the usual tracks in snow, it was like a path was dusted by the wheels and long after the car was gone the snow was still blowing. I was like omggggg Seth needs to take pictures of

    Great set, i love “feet” that one is amazing.

  2. Some tall trees there. You would have had hard time getting your camera back if they had left it on the tree tops. Maybe that big old bird would have been needed to rescue it for you 🙂 Luckily the trees are your friends.

  3. The story made me chuckle and the pics are cool – thanks bud (and thanks for taking an interest in my blog too)

  4. lol…silliness is a good thing…I could see this as a children’s book…all about the pesky trees who have a penchant for snatching peoples cameras, with your photos as the pics they take!!! 😉

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  7. Before I read the whole story, I thought you meant a tree branch fell a knocked the camera out of your hands…I’m glad that’s not the case 🙂 I really like the “Dancin and Groovin” shot and “The Posse” shot.

  8. Your story about the trees is so perfectly designed, not too fantasy nor too dull and realistic. It is like the mixture of green and blue to make turquoise. Just a touch of both reality and fantasy, and it is not too childish nor too boring and gray.

  9. Like that image, of the trees grabbing the camera and taking shots of the landscape, and of course themselves (i believe they are quite narcissistic in fact?) Bit cheeky handing you a business card, for pics taken with your own camera, but you have to admire their entrepreneurial flair. Very nice pictures too. (Please pass my compliments on, to the trees)

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