Warmth shines through

I’ve been looking for something to show you besides the bleakness of winter.  I decided to put a call into Mother Nature for some help.  She obliged with a showing of beauty I hadn’t seen in a long while.  First, I came upon a herd of deer.  They were out enjoying a bit to eat.  They seemed eager to show off their little heads, long and slender bodies, and white fluffy tails.  Such beautiful creatures are the deer.  Always lurking in the shadows. Always watching.  Then I came upon a bird.  He was a big ole bird.  I saw him sitting next to a frozen pond.  He didn’t seem to move and I began to wonder if he was real or not.  To be honest, I am still not sure.  As I was nearing home, I came upon a frozen pond situated next to a beautiful field in which one solitary tree called home. Even on the coldest week of winter, warmth shines through.

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Always watching

Hello there.

Always in the shadows.

Are you for real?


Where is everyone?

Care for a skate?

127 responses to “Warmth shines through

  1. I love seeing deer in the wild, so beautiful and quite majestic! One day we went to Blue Hills at the Boston lookout area, we saw a herd of 7 deer. There is a baby Buck who lives in the park down the street, but due to his elusiveness we have yet been able to capture a snapshot of him…Great Post!

  2. Oh my goshhhh i love this set! The deer are beautiful! I have never see one up close. I seen the rear end of one running away once. My in laws used to live in a remote part of jersey and we were taking a stroll and and my father in law said “oh look a deer” So i turned to look all excited and it was already running away. I was so sad 😦 The woes of a city girl, I want to see the pretty animals lol.

    That is a BIG bird. Almost looks like a pelican.

  3. I awoke one morning last week to see a dozen does grazing in my upper garden where the wild lettuce has taken over. They give birth under my berry bushes every spring. So delicate and gentle they seem.

  4. In my amazingly inexpert opinion, I would say that bird you saw was a heron. The pictures of the deer are amazing, and I love the one of the lonely little tree. I definitely needed a reminder that winter is more than cold and grey today. Thank you!

    • Thanks. I think you are right that it is a Heron. I am not sure if it was real or a decoy. When I zoom in, it looks so real but it didn’t move the entire time I was shooting.

      • It’s hard to say. Some times birds (and other animals) will stay incredibly, impossibly still for a long time, and then all of a sudden blink or move slightly or burst into a flurry of motion. Ever try to out-stare a lizard? But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a decoy…

  5. Send some warmth our way please. It is -27 cel. here in Ontario, Canada which translates to -16 Farenheit. Cold no matter which way you look at it. Beautiful winter photos!

  6. We are here
    but where are they ?
    We have looked up everywhere
    in the deep woods, and flowing streams side
    I even asked the birds that passed
    no one can be seen are we lost?
    or they ?

  7. Stunning , amazing and beautiful Seth…everyday, I look to see what you have posted here for us all, its a lovely addition to my day. Ceri

  8. I like the bird in particular! The colour shots are coming over as highly saturated and the others as a bit desaturated – I am interested in your reasoning for how you handle your photos.

    • The non saturated are normal. It’s just the blah of winter. The two saturated I did because it enhanced the colors and it goes with the theme of the sun and warmth shining through.

  9. Great shots again – the deer’s will be my pick … such a beautiful animal and your photos is just I see them standing on the field everywhere in our county. Always in a car or bus .. when I see them, never able to get any shots. Load of wild boar do we have too, but they are more shy.

  10. love your tonal images from the past few weeks but seeing these richer colours coming through – the russets and pale green and purple horizon on the aqua sky – is uplifting

  11. Always nice to see photos of wildlife. If I’m not mistaken, that bird is a Great Blue Heron. Looks plenty real to me lol. Amazing pictures.

  12. Those are great shots of a deer. Though, the frozen lake reminds me of all the ‘Don’t Play on the Pack Ice’ signs around my college during winter. Thanks for stirring the fond, humorous memories.

  13. deer are so lovely, at a distance…when living at the shores of the lake we had problems with many deer coming out of the woods and walking along the street…was very dangerous, sadly my son hit one that darted out in front of his truck one night…love the little fellow in “where is everyone”…

  14. Seth, the bird is a Great Blue Heron. Most definitely real. He or she was resting and staying warm. surprised it hasn’t moved farther south than PA. Ah, but here I am still in Upstate NY where today it’s 6 degrees

  15. Hi Seth. I like this! I found a lovely quote. Earth laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Everson. In 2010 I wrote a a blog on murmerating starlings at Brighton West Pier and I’m just looking to update it. In Victorian Times the pier was used as a Concert Hall and as it decays in the sea, in skeletal form you can almost hear the fragmented music from the orchestra. There is also a no-man’s land for old roundabouts from the funfair and clowns with peeling gold paint – its haunting in the Winter. Best wishes Deborah

    • Yes, I’ve seen that. I used to layover in Brighton when I worked the London flights (I was a flight attendant at one point). Lovely city. We stayed in the Metropole.

  16. It can be pretty difficult to capture wild animals like deer before they bolt off, and you managed to get quite a few photos.  Real, s/he probably was, the animals have natural instinct to be completely motionless with any sense of danger, with the ears indicating their focus of attention if eye contact can’t be managed.

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