The dead of winter

It’s cold.  The ponds are frozen.  The ground is crunchy.  The air burns as you breathe.  We all look like astronauts in our big winter coats traversing an unforgiving and hostile land.  Even our furry friends are trembling a bit.  It’s the dead of winter.  There’s no going back to fall only forward to spring.  Forward. Forward.

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Forward to spring we go

Forward to spring we go.

Bleakness abounds


Frozen blue

More snow coming

Frozen fields

79 responses to “The dead of winter

  1. I always enjoy seeing a new post! Stunning Pictures! I agree forward to SPRING! Never even reached 20 today! It is 8 with a windchill of -6 as I type…TOO COLD!

    • Yes, I don’t know much about Australian weather but I’ve heard about your heatwave. I guess in the fall the temps are much nicer. How cold does it get there in the winter?

      • Not as cold as where you are 🙂 Only in a few places do we get snow. I heard though that last summer there were places in the US that suffered extreme high temperatures too? Seasons are becoming unpredictable.

  2. Thanks for supporting my photo first of all – here is a great gallery again … frozen blue is my pick. The barn tickled me too – but l love that fade shade of ice blue.

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