Ft. Ancient: Tree Art

Tree art is everywhere if you just look.  However, some places seem to have an excess of nature’s beauty.  Ft. Ancient is a wonderful place for seeing the very best in tree art.  From the broken to the down right bizarre looking, the park aims to please.

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The tree with many faces

Hanging art

Teapot imitation

Holed up

Natural flowerpot



64 responses to “Ft. Ancient: Tree Art

  1. I love the bark on Crepe Myrtles and Sourwood trees. I believe trees have a majestic quality. Needed for the very air we breathe, the tree lends itself to the quality of life we enjoy by providing accent, shade, fruit, nuts and beauty. You capture them well.

  2. Have you seen David Hockney’s paintings of trees in northern England? Your photographs remind me of them.

      • wasn’t meant to be…there was a wood pecker in the area when I lived on the lake, would always see him when I walked and tried to take photos but it was either too high in the trees to get a good shot or would fly away…maybe they are camera shy?

  3. Thank you for reading my poetry 🙂 Great photos here and I agree tree shapes are always fun to look for! In the forest here there is a small group of “Ent” trees, as they remind me of the Ents in the Lord of the Rings.

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