Ft. Ancient: The River

The river seems to always be in view from the trail. She meanders along the base of the ancient mound, bearing witness to history. She has always been there. She will always be there. She speaks of her immortality as she sings the song of rushing water. The river has befriended the locals since there were locals. The Hopewell, the Settlers and the Ohioans have all been her friends. And as the snow fell, extending her life once again, she didn’t seem tired or bored. She seem to beckon still. “Hello new friends.” “Come talk, I’ve stories to tell.”

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Reaching out

Making friends



Place of a thousand years

Burn through

Old friends

76 responses to “Ft. Ancient: The River

  1. I love the introduction you wrote at the beginning. It really captures the essence of rivers and their connection to our society. As usual, your pictures are amazing.

  2. The river that flowed silently with waves as its partners, rippling for miles and miles, passed the bare trees , felt the cold breeze, met a bundled up me and went around ..losing no time…leaving no ground..it passed silently, whispering tales of yesterday …

  3. thx again for some beautiful photos. We have ancestors on my husband’s side that pioneered parts of Ohio. Once county in particular was Stark County. I was just wondering how close you were to that area. I do not know where Warren is. thx

    • I believe that Stark county is north of here. Maybe Canton area. I am in the southwestern part of the state. Warren county is the county northeast of Cincinnati and southeast of Dayton. I live 20 miles from both Dayton and Cincinnati.

  4. Blistery day … and cold … well captured. Know those days too well. We had some sunny and stunning days, for 3 days .. but no more snow – sure it will come. Audience – my pick!

  5. Love the sight of a river, no matter what time of year. I wrote a poem on the river 20+ years ago. It’s around here somewhere. As always, great pics!

  6. These gorgeous images bring a sense of perspective to crazy lives in a big city. Suddenly I feel calm and relaxed!

  7. Hi! Beautiful but I can feel the coldness – looks so much as in our ‘summer’ place in Finland! Your header is amazing – I love colours!
    Sunny wishes from Greece!

  8. Your pictures truly capture the cold of the day. I like it. I several things about this post actually I love that you refer to the river as an individual instead of a thing and I love that she is a she and that she will always be here. I hope so.

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  10. beautiful. water is a soothing element. i long to see it again. as misfortune would have it, we have always lived in suburban and urban zones: i once lived by the corner of two gray, smelly, crowded and busy streets. we moved when i was four, and now i live near the intersection of a four-lane street. i dislike my surroundings. there is but a filthy river and a polluted wood far away, a field of grass on school grounds, killed by the young, careless children. this is the closest i have to nature. that is why i savor my tree, and nature. it cannot last forever.

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