Ft. Ancient: The Hike

There are many trails that make up Ft. Ancient State Park and we plan to visit them all.  Yesterday, we walked along the base trail.  It was barren, cold, and snowy but welcoming.  In fact, if we could have withstood the freezing temperatures, Todd and I would have hiked until we fell over from exhaustion.  It was an eye’s delight.  From the woodpecker, pecking his wood to the sounds of rushing water, it was a hiker’s paradise.

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Traffic light

Speed bump

Snip snip

Down by the riverside

Still connected

Trail side attractions

Beautiful accident

The scene

Todd says “Come join us.”

66 responses to “Ft. Ancient: The Hike

  1. You are a brave one to be hiking in the snow. With my luck I’d slip on a patch of ice and get impaled on a low swinging branch…. or mayne just twist my ankle again. Fun times. lol

    Looks like it would be a lovely place to go explore during the spring. I can almost see the budding trees in my mind.

    • Ha, well if my fat self didn’t do any of those things then everyone else would be fine. 🙂 The ground wasn’t too slick, just the fallen trees across the path.

  2. Some would say drab, but I say beautiful nature at it’s barest. I know it was cold because I shivered just looking at the pictures. Would be a great place to see all seasons.

  3. More stump art … my pick here has to be: Beautiful accident – like the softness and the silence in your photo galleries from the wood/hike.

    • He loves to hike Heather. He wants to take us up to Isle Royale in Michigan. It’s a desolate island that’s a state park. He wants to backpack there for a week. Now, I love to be in nature and to hike all day taking photos. But, I want a nice warm bed with internet access at night. 🙂

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