Slices of light

Light sliced across Ohio today.  What started as a few wisps of gold quickly turned into a torrent of red and yellow, filling every nook and cranny.  The dark was replaced with a rainbow of colors.  Bleak and creepy fields were transformed into warm and welcoming venues of nature.  Shadows were allowed to become their true selves, turning into trees, stumps and fences.  And as the light reached me, it changed my mood and uplifted my soul.  I was new again.  I was reborn.  I was me.

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Here they come

Here they come

Soak it up

Fill this land


Monsters no more

All accounted for

Let there be light.

Still alive

Senses filled


Morning gossip

Feelin’ fine

Morning plans.

144 responses to “Slices of light

  1. Hi Seth,
    Totally true; when the sunlight caresses every beings cells, we are all reborn. We spread our branches too, like your lovely trees.
    Wishing you joy 🙂

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