Ft. Ancient: Up Close

Todd and I made a short drive to Ft. Ancient State Park, just a few miles from our house.  This park includes the largest prehistoric Native American hilltop in the United States.  The fort was built by the Hopewell peoples. It is also Ohio’s first State Park.  Beyond the history, which is amazing, the area is astonishingly beautiful.  The Little Miami river runs at the base of the hill and in the summer many canoes and kayaks can be seen floating down the river.  The bike trail also traverses the park.   Today, we went on a short hike along the river.  There were snow flakes floating in the arctic wind when we arrived.  The flakes soon turned into an all out snow shower.

With so much beauty around me, I was in creative overflow.  I captured quite a few shots and am happy to share them with you.  To start off, I want to show you the beauty of the area close up.  There are so many things to see in a forest.  Many items and creatures vie for our attention and these caught mine.

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Tree house

Prime real estate

End times


Squirrel says “Dinner time.”

Contemporary Dance



Knowing you, knowing me

Capture me

Just as I am


Did I make a sound?


61 responses to “Ft. Ancient: Up Close

  1. You guys have so much fun! I love the pictures. Especially the red crispiness of the one leaf in the white delicate snow-spider!!

    • I thought that was an interesting scene when I shot it. It seem so lonely. Then when I got home and was reviewing the photos, it looked like a spider to me. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. … not going to say anything about this gallery … because I wound like old record. You know, what I mean. My pick is the red leaf … wonderful .. so powerful in it’s loneliness. Wonderful.

  3. Spider! AMAZING! Love the close up views! Looks like a nice place to retreat, re-energize and be one with nature! I enjoy your Adventures! I look forward to getting back out there and capturing more of the images Mother Earth has to offer!

  4. So exciting to see someone post about someplace you’ve been and a place that’s not well known. I visited the site some years ago while researching mound builders. Ohio is the best place to visit these prehistoric gems. I’d also recommend and would love to see subsequent photos of Serpent mound, Ft. Hill and the numerous mounds around Chillicothe and Newark. All are about an hour drive (except Newark).

    • I am going to try and visit these sites soon. I am also going to go back to Ft. Ancient throughout the year since it is so close to my house. Serpent mound I’ve hear of but Ft. Hill, I haven’t. I’ll probably hit some of those up in the Spring and Summer. Thanks!

      • fort hill is very close to serpent and is similar to ft ancient. when i was there the manager of serpent also managed ft hill and was very informative. Enjoy your travels

  5. Little Acorn Faerie looks shocked to see you there … and pulls her leaf cloak around more tightly to shield her modesty …

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