Color springs forth

A walk on a mild winter day is always a nice event.  Exploring the land when one aught to be bundled up next to a winter fire is a bit like being on the moon without a spacesuit.  I shouldn’t be here at this time.   But, I was and it was beautiful.  There’s not much color to be found this time of year but what color remains is enhanced by the dullness around it.  It shines and sparkles.  It is unique and magnificent.  The outcasts of winter, like most other outcasts, are the color and spice of life.  Scenes of the forgotten tossed away solitary leaf, still red, float across the dull mundane landscape and remind us that we live on a wild and beautiful planet and even in the darkest bit of winter, color springs forth.

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Bless the outcasts

Shadows of the forgotten

Stay for awhile. Let’s talk.

Bits of ice

Light up my life


Warm spot

True color

Shine on me

Path to?


Natural ornament

89 responses to “Color springs forth

  1. I love your photography. In fact I wrote on my blog today on how I am touched from other bloggers and one of those ways is through their photography. Thank you.

  2. Everything was awesome as usual.Reminds there is something always colourful in this drab life, be it memories, nostalgia !
    By the way, if you can please read/review my short story Final destination

  3. What a great post! I love these small flashes of colour as they completely transform a sombre picture. You are very creative in your use of photography blended with original writing. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog too.

  4. I love your images. Any advice for a beginner? As a designer, I can see the way I want the picture to look. But I can never get the camera to translate it. I know I need to start with a better camera. Suggestions?

  5. I love “Shadows…” and “Stay for a while”.
    Question: I have a few “lightboxes” on your other site. I am assuming that I put pictures I want to purchase later in the lightbox. Is that what that’s for?

  6. Great photos again here…. and we have snow to photograph so I’ll have to get out there and see what I can capture like you!
    Thanks again for reading and liking my blog – enjoy cooking the pud 🙂

  7. Very nice as always! I have been a bit lazy in posting my adventure the other day, I think you would be impressed, once I finally post the pictures! Seth you are a great Photographer! I can only hope to be so good someday!!! Keep up the great work!

  8. I don’t know why but for me the one with the park bench really stands out as particularly stunning, not that the other pictures aren’t any good. (Your pictures are always sure to delight.) That one just really caught my eye.

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