I sing because I’m happy

The Ohio birds were out in force this morning.  They greeted the sun with happy chirps and basked in its glory.  They sang me a song as I walked the park near my house.  I was able to spend some time with a few of these magnificent creatures.  They were shy but allowed me to snap a few shots.  They wouldn’t tell me much about themselves.  Therefore, I am not quite sure in which family they belong.  Perhaps you can help me identify them.

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Take my picture

Take my picture


Rico Suave

On top

Almost free


Blue world

Red bits

Tree adventure


Eye on the sparrow

168 responses to “I sing because I’m happy

  1. These little guys warm my heart! What excellent moments you’ve captured with them. I know from experience how tough it can be to catch nice photos of songbirds since they are so quick and often twitchy. Thanks for this uplifting post. I’m smiling!

  2. Cute … and pretty – I always problems to catch small birds … they will not wait until I get my camera out.
    My picks be the top and bottom photo … I the last one is so cute.

  3. Hi Seth,thank you for liking my post on eleventhroute awhile back.Your blog is very inspirational.As a newcomer it is very encouraging to find people who find such beauty in their everyday life .I now follow ,not to miss the scenic photographs and of course the poetic captions.Great blog

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