Welcome back sun

The sun made a grand entrance this morning with streamers of red, purple, yellow and orange.  Even the morning frost looked inviting and welcoming as the sun’s rays moved across the fields.  The sky missing its old and close friend sent the clouds on a much needed vacation.  The big ole tree in the field across the way looked majestic as the vibrant colors flooded through its bare limbs.  It’s as if it had grown a full set of colorful leaves overnight.  Welcome back sun. Please stay a bit.

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Look at me

On fire

Welcome back my friend

Solitary morn


Have a colorful day!

63 responses to “Welcome back sun

  1. good for you…it can be a dreary time without some sun in the winter! we’ve had sun for the last three days…love it..cold though…today -7F…I won’t pick a favourite photo today, all are beautiful…well…except for the first one, it is a favourite… 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos, and I love the sentiments you expressed. I, too, was delighted this morning to welcome back the sun after days of clouds and general dreariness.

  3. I’m not going to say .. what a fantastic selection of photos again – Country morning, my favorite – because I love mornings that is apricot and you only get them on cold winter mornings.

  4. Ain’t nothing wrong with that…hey, you’ve inspired me to take artistic shots of my office building today, with my iPhone 4. Wish me luck…’course the fog makes anything look “heavy.” 🙂 – Bill

  5. I love the second one the best. The glow that the street light gives off and the frozen pond. I guess I like to see the street perspective and the glimpse of where you are. Cool.

  6. Very beautiful Seth! Thank you for taking the time to get up extra early and set up to take these gorgeous captures. A lot of love and work within these.

  7. The first snap of the Ohio sunrise is breathtaking! The dark silhouette of the tree against the ombre background is absolutely gorgeous! You’ve certainly added a big serving of beauty into my day today! And thank you for liking my blog post! I’m only new to WordPress, but so far, I feel there’s a much better sense of community than at Blogspot!

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