Gloomy days

The gloomy days of January have arrived.  They washed out the snow and brought the clouds with them.  Record heat also joined their bandwagon, followed closely by freezing temperatures.  It has been a roller coaster of a ride.  Nothing particularly new for these parts.  It seems that if you are not happy with the weather, Mother Nature will gladly change it for you in a few days or even hours.  I have a call in to her.  It’s time for a change.

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Mud pie factory


No mail

Blue and broken

Stumpy’s kingdom

Do you hear the people sing?



Ma and Pa

Come to my window

Stream to nowhere

Anyone home?

Road to heaven

For the barn lovers

Small reflection

There’s no place like home.


77 responses to “Gloomy days

  1. I love the stream to nowhere. It reminds me of a hidden spot I found on campus when I was in college and I would go there whenever I felt like escaping the noise.

  2. Lovely photos. And here I was complaining about the weather in London 🙂 I wouldn’t mind a little snow…

  3. Awesome set. LOVED “come to my window”.. reminded of a bit from a comedian Jo Koy . The joke was about him visiting Alabama and a guy picked him up from the airport in a truck and dropped him off at the local motel…all the residents were pooling around his window and he was so scared. They kept telling him “come to the window” and he was like noooooo. lol

    I also loved Mud Pie Factory. So creepy and pretty at the same time.

    I noticed the “gloomy” weather here in NY too. The other day I was waiting for it to get light outside and it never really did. I sighed and said welcome to winter. Even when it was in the middle of the afternoon and the sun was out it’s still has a dark tint.

  4. Sadly…often January is gloomy, here too for the most part… although for the last couple of days, today included, we’ve had beautiful sunshine but bitter cold!!! Your photos don’t feel gloomy to me, some feel very calm and restful, while others have a mysterious feel to me…of course I’m a barn lover & a road to heaven lover, but this full set of photos has something that appeals to me! I think it has to do with the setting of each photo… they have a tremendous amount of detail…makes me want to keep looking to see what I find…for instance, what looks like a tiny bit of red on the side door on the barn, last photo… 🙂

  5. Ooh, it does look cold there! (It’s cold here too, due the snow tomorrow.) You’ve captured the that feeling well though; I actually shivered looking at some of the images.

  6. Glad it’s not only us that have them .. I have a fetish for old barns … like that you just given the a little bit of color. My picks of this great bunch.

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  8. Love it! the moss is amazing in these photos and at any other time of year it would be visually washed out from all the competition.

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