Remembering Paris in Summer

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Paris quite often in my past.  As most of you know, Paris is a beautiful and amazing place.  The streets are alive with chatter, cafes and beautiful old buildings.  You feel the past, the present and the future all at once in this marvelous place.  There are no words that truly convey the wonder of Paris.  That is something you will have to experience for yourself.  These photos were taken a few years ago on a visit.  Enjoy.

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Rays at Night

Rays at Night

Green view

Only in Paris


Todd’s green view

Full color

More green

Majestic door

A bit of blue

Viva la France


Beautiful day

Street view

I’m watching you

I spy red

Bonne nuit de Paris

130 responses to “Remembering Paris in Summer

    • Thanks. I thought I’d post some different photos to keep y’all from getting bored with my stuff. 🙂 I was debating between this and Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.

  1. Awww these made me miss Paris and the summer I spent there even more than I usually do -but rest assured they’re all amazing, even though they make me sad! Paris is truly one of a kind :)) great work!

  2. It’s nice for me to hear you talk about Paris so fondly – lately Paris seems to be out of fashion, at least with the people I know, and having never visited it put me off before I’d started. You’ve reignited my desire to go, so thank you! The sixth picture is my favourite, it looks like a vintage advert =)

  3. Paris is a place I really, really want to visit before I’m too old to be able to … Your photos just emphasizes that need … Thank you, Seth!

  4. I would LOVE to visit Paris. I see pictures and read about it with envy. J’adore traveling! Do you speak French at all? Cannot wait to take it again in college when I transfer to a four year. Such a beautiful language. Don’t they have a huge Ferris Wheel thing you can get on and see the Eiffel Tower? Oh and I love the lil blue car! I bet that gets amazing gas mileage haha!

  5. Beautiful shots of one of the most photogéniques cities of the world. Especially found of the monuments, which in my opinion, create a sharp and fascinating contrast between the rich French history and the Parisian modern life style.
    They say : « I left my heart in San Francisco » but I left mine in Paris, my home, when I moved to California. Thank you, Seth for offering me a little bit of my hometown today.

  6. I love how you filtered out colors and heightened others – especially the one with red shirt. Fantastic work, as usual. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Psst {haha} love the unusual angle under the Eiffel Tower with those rays Seth …. Paris with a twist of je ne sais quoi 😉
    Great Pictures .

  8. magic Paris french yes la France , la tour Eiffel , le Crasy Horse

    I went to see it on 31st December in the cinema there was a broadcast special new year’s Eve 🙂

  9. Wonderful .. and you have given the beautiful city justice – not a Paris fan – but it’s a stunning city .. only that it’s full of French. *smile
    Really enjoy your playfulness.

  10. You know, Paris has never been on my list of places to visit…having said that your photos are very intriguing, besides being beautiful,
    they make me wonder if I should rethink my position???

  11. You know, at first I thought you were talking about Paris, KY then I saw the photos. Your photos are much better than what you could have found in Paris, KY, maybe. 😉 Nice photos, I really like them. 🙂

  12. Hi Seth,
    I feel your love of Paris. Your photos are happy and beautifully colored.
    I was trying to play “name that place!” as I look at each one. The suburb neighbor that I am didn’t know all of them…
    BTW; sorry for my multiple comments in your animal post The repond button went batty on me.
    A bientôt… 🙂

  13. I can’t remember or not if I’ve asked this already… did you get a new program that you’re using. I’m trying to decide between a couple that have been recommended for Mac. I have PS-elements 9, but am looking for something else.

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