Your Story: Whispers of darkness

It’s time again. It’s time for you to write the story. This photo is from my drive home yesterday.  It’s was taken on a new road that I found a few weeks back.  This area is beautiful but has whispers of darkness.  What does this scene tell you?

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Open your favorite writing program, turn on the spell check and go!

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190 responses to “Your Story: Whispers of darkness

  1. Since I’m not there, I can appreciate the quiet beauty of the photo but if I’m right there taking the photo with nobody else around, all I would be thinking is, “Creepy…where is everybody?” LOL

  2. i hadn’t seen my fiancee in weeks because I was away at school. There had been a bad storm when I returned to my parents house for a school break and the drive to the girlfriends was another 30 miles. I didn’t want to go that evening.

    The next day she called me and said, “Please, please, I need to see you. I want to talk.” I thought nothing of it. But it would be the last time I would ever see her again. She dumped me.

    I remember driving back to my parents home on the snowy road, engagement ring in my pocket and wondering why. Then suddenly, as I looked through the windshield I let out the loudest guttural animal like growl I have ever made. I have never yearned for her again. It was done.

    This photo reminded me of the scream. I don’t think I could reproduce it now even if I wanted to.

  3. I have an explainable love for mysterious looking roads such as this. I really appreciate your photo as you have captured the essence of it rather well.

  4. ‘Go Well’

    The wraiths have evaporated
    with the night,
    As insubstantial
    as the fears that blind us
    To the hope that lies,
    if not around this turn,
    Then surely
    the next, or the next…

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  6. “Da di da di da …. Sure is cold today….. Oh no what’s that smell?….. did I just step in some Dog Sh1t “

      • Your right, look if you turn around and look back down the road you can see all the Toxic little islands I have created with each left foot print. Quite unmistakable, do you think it might be telling me something about my own life?
        Yes he thought, I may have made a mess of things in the past but now it seems I am finally waking up to it, I just never noticed it before !

  7. A body lay beneath the road. Sheathed in ice, empty eyes saw naught above. The occasional car meandered on, without a care for the soul below. The water churned, pulled and tugged until the corpse slipped and plunged. Headlights shine but do not see the end of the world known as me.

  8. She gazes ahead at the road
    Stops walking
    Takes a deep breath
    Watches the foggy cloud escape her mouth
    She’s cold and the road makes her lonely
    She’s lonely and the road makes her cold
    She begins walking again
    Listening to her footsteps on the pavement below
    Then she moves to her right
    Steps on the earth
    She prefers this soft path
    What’s left of the fall leaves still makes a crunch beneath her feet
    Something about the soft crunch is less final, less harsh than the cold pavement
    She continues this path, way on the right
    She’ll use the road as her guide home
    But she refuses to let it rule her
    She belongs to the trees

  9. Warren County Road

    A long day of driving in cold, wet, bleak weather and the forest continues to thicken. I’m focused on the directions I was given, getting lost is not an option. I’m starting to get drowsy and my thoughts go to the hot tea and warm fire awaiting me at my destination. So I speed up a bit more, taking the curve faster than intended and start skidding off the road. Startled, I pull to the side and stop. My heart is racing and I need to calm myself and maybe just get some fresh air! I start off for a short walk, the only sound I hear is my heart pounding and my footsteps on the wet pavement. It was a busy week but now it’s time to mellow out and pay attention, that was too close. The cold seeps through my coat, I tuck my hands in my pockets and shiver. It sounds like a river is somewhere up ahead, so I continue on. Ah I see it, a small river cutting through the dense woods. I finally look around at the still beauty of the forest, the only sounds I hear is water shushing over rocks and trees groaning under their burden. I feel myself letting go, quieting and my footsteps slow to match that of the rivers song. The mist beckons me, and has me wondering what is around the corner up ahead. Drawn, I follow the mists challenge, and as I go up around the bend, It’s as if time stops, I become amerced and infused with total peace and serenity. Eventually I head back to my car, no longer cold or alone. Their gifts stay with me and I know I have just traveled the true road of my journey. Hansi Riley

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  11. She sits before the window, gazing through the pane, murky as her thoughts this morning. Wondering what lay beyond the edge of darkness that defined the deep woods, what beckoned to her soul and called her name in her misty dreams. “Come to me, ” it softly called. Loneliness defined its voice and she longed to ease its suffering. How many nights? It was easy, here in the glare of morning light, to reason with her fears, to form a plan of escape. Tonight she would ease their suffering, she decided with firm resolve, feeling the sun kiss her flushed cheeks. Tonight she would don her cloak of anonymity, descend the steps of her dark, red castle and cross over the threshold into the sweet, enveloping arms of temptation. It was so easy to make plans in the Light. Turning from the warmth of the lighted window, she lifted her weight from the bench and crossed the floor of her prison cell to begin her last day of confinement, knowing within her soul that only she held the keys to her freedom.

  12. Oh, duh…this was my first time on your My Story page, and I didnt realize the photo was the black and white. My response was to your header photo. I realized it after I saw it on several pages. Sorry. Im still learning to navigate in WordPress World. What a wonderland. 🙂

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  16. There’s a Beatle hiding in the right-hand stand of trees. You can’t see him clearly – but maybe it’s John. Or George. It would have to be one of them to be shrouded in the mist – and alongside the long and winding road

  17. Each step gives me strength. A fine mist pushes against my body, and the sound of the river in my ears. The next step is a skip, and then I’m running. Now I’m pushing the mist, and feeling stronger. I pick up the pace. My feet barely touch the wet pavement, and I feel I am banking into the turns I am running so fast. I glance down at my pounding thighs, glistening with moisture. I breathe this in, being young and strong, running in a light rain, on an empty road, beside a happy river. And a forest hawk flies ahead of me, down the river to a destination known only to he. My destination is waiting too, and unknown, but I will run to it with purpose.

  18. The road curves

    The road curves ahead.
    The ice is hard.
    Her steps unknown.
    But a soft voice whispers.

    The road curves ahead.
    With winding wooded bark.
    Tempting her onward
    Like a twisted lover.

    The road curves ahead.
    She holds, hesitates
    Hastens herself though
    Just for a moment.

    She knows she must go.

    The road curves ahead.
    But she is not lost.
    Just wandering through,
    As life drives her forward.

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  20. Seth- Wow- this is kind of like a poetry “slam- great idea- interactive poetry!

    Even when I drove
    (I FINALLY stopped in 2005)
    I would have abandoned
    the car
    not a fan
    of Black Ice
    ….all it would take
    would be one slip
    and I’d pull the car over
    rather than die
    on such a icey road

    Have a death wish
    (I think EVERY PERSON does)
    just don’t want to get more
    brain damage

    Want to do my swan song
    on my own terms

    (ps- actually- what came to mind INSTANTLY was:
    “These woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep
    ….and miles to go before I sleep…and miles to go before I sleep)
    My kids thought I wrote that because as I drove over a certain street on my way home; I would ALWAYS say it.”

    Her teacher told her that I plagerized it- the hell I did. I NEVER told her I wrote it.
    She knew I wrote poetry……..LOL!)

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  22. Something rustles in the darkness. This place gives me the creeps. If only I hadn’t missed that stupid bus. Well if only I hadn’t gone to town in the first place. Water seeps through the hole in my shoe, the hole I didn’t notice until now. The noise comes again, but this time something catches my eye. It reminds me of a big black cape, torn at the edges. The icy cold weather catches in my lungs, making it harder to breath. Terrified, I run down the road hoping I’ll escape it, but I don’t and its long bony limbs take me. I struggle, but there’s no use, it has me. Soon, all I see, hear and feel are darkness. It seems all the sadness in the world has come to me, its all surrounding me. That only lasts a few minutes, once those few minutes are over so is my life, and the dark figure moves on.

  23. Sorry, no stories in me at the end of the day, but it looks like someone slipping from reality (the world in color at right) into a fantasy world. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Susannah Kearsley lately! 😀

  24. Driving away, away from you,
    I am desolate, bereft,
    Without you the world seems emptier,
    There is no laughter left.
    The trees arch and meet above my head,
    With a delicacy and grace,
    Yet my eyes don’t absorb the beauty here,
    They just yearn for your beautiful face.
    The road hugs the river that runs below,
    It is shiny from the rain,
    Whispers of darkness in my soul,
    ‘Till I see your face again.

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