Making friends

Today I made a few new friends.  I was driving through the countryside and got a bit lost.  I saw three farm animals out for a morning chew and thought they looked like a friendly lot.  Indeed they were.  They called themselves Nicholas, Fester and Frida.  Nicholas and Fester, South Americans, are here on a gap year, enjoying what Ohio has to offer.  Frida is their gracious host.  They guided me home via a beautiful scenic route and insisted that I stop at the local pet cemetery.  The drive and cemetery were both beautiful.  The next time you are out for a country drive, take time to enjoy a nice visit with a local farm animal.  Just remember not to cross the fence.

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Teaching me Spanish

Mr. Cage posing

Pet Cemetery: Shy

Resting place

The Chapel

Shadows of past friends


The body

Loves green

Misty Morn

Fields of gold



Sleepy morning

Wake up

Breakfast time



165 responses to “Making friends

  1. LOVE. The Llama. You’re going to get a lot of people liking that shot… That under-bite is irresistible.

  2. Cool Post my Friend! Nicely captured! I was interested of the pet Cemetery, was it big or small? We have one here in Middleboro, Angel View…2 childhood cats were buried there, and a family cat was also cremated there as well, these are sad places, strangely I find human cemeteries to be historical, but pet ones are just sad…

    • Yes it is quite large. We had our cat cremated there. They put him in a nice vase for us. It’s a very nicely kept and maintained place. Plus, it’s beautiful there.

  3. There is something about your. . . texture? Perception of depth? I’m not sure I can pin my finger on it, but I’ve fallen in love with your way of viewing things. The leaves, the grass, the clarity of the branches, and even the morning mist.

    And yeah, the lamas are cute. 🙂 But I just love that little ass.

  4. You have been busy .. that was quite a bunch of new friends in one day – lucky you. Love the lama’s they have so cute faces.
    Wonderful shots – have to ask that there is some blur and mist in your shots – have you added that … I really like the idea of that. Make a photo soft .. in special areas. “Fields of gold” is my pick of the day. “Remembered” my second choice. I can do the blur in the edges of my photo – not in the middle of a photo. Don’t use photoshop. I can focus any area in a photo.

  5. I love “The Body” and “Fields of Gold”. Again, my favorite style of yours is when you take one ordinary item (tree stump) and somehow make it look magical.

  6. lol…getting lost can have its good points… of course… I love the llamas, who wouldn’t? but you know me, the old barn & Sleepy Morning & Wake Up, draw me…having said that I really love the green of the branches/needles, the texture of the trunk contrasting with the misty morning of Shadows of past friends…very nice!

    • Thanks. Sure. You have to use a program to strip all color but one type. I use which is I think only available for Mac users. In that program there are several styles you can use. In “neglected” I used a style called “Black White and Red Comic.” You can use the presets that the program has or you can make your own changes uses their tools.

    • Thanks Kate. I think most areas here in the states have pet cemeteries. I know where I grew up in the South we had some and the famous one down there was “Coon Dog Cemetery” on the Alabama, Mississippi border. My grandparents used to take us there when I was a child.

  7. So strange coincidence, but I was listening to “Fields of Gold” by Sting when I checked my reader, and then I saw your pictures… I am always available for new friends, and adventures (even when you’re not seeking human friends 😉 Animal ones are sometimes just better)!

  8. What great shots! Everyone thinks they are adorable, until your subject starts spitting at you 🙂

  9. I love those animal shots and for some reason the cemetery ones look spookier than human cemetery shots. I don’t think it’s legal for people to keep Llamas in this state but I wish it were. Be a lot cooler to look at than the moo cows and work horses that I usually see.

  10. Your pictures are beautiful! And I love that it’s llamas! I LOVE LLAMAS! Where in Ohio were you? Was it the crazy farm along 37 with all the weird animals?

  11. Hi Seth,
    I like your friends! How could I not with a face like that? 🙂
    Animals have always had a special place in my heart; I do understand the emotion of visiting an animal cemetery.I have been to one.
    Thank you for the beautiful moment with our animal friends :).

      • Yes Seth; it is the one they call the “cimetière des chiens et autres animaux domestiques” /cemetery for dogs & other domestic animals, in Asnières sur Seine (North Paris burbs).

      • Yes! The cimetières des chiens et autres animaux dosmestiques/ Dog & other domestic animal cemetery in the North Paris burbs in Asnières sur Seine.

      • Yes Setth, the “cimetière des chien et autres animaux domestiques/ dog and other domestic animal cemetery”. Located in Asnières-sur-Seine, near Paris.

  12. Cool photos. Just stopping by to say thanks for liking one of my pictures. I have placed a link to your blog on my “Who liked my photos?” page 🙂 so will stop by here now and then to check out your photos.

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