Making friends

Today I made a few new friends.  I was driving through the countryside and got a bit lost.  I saw three farm animals out for a morning chew and thought they looked like a friendly lot.  Indeed they were.  They called themselves Nicholas, Fester and Frida.  Nicholas and Fester, South Americans, are here on a gap year, enjoying what Ohio has to offer.  Frida is their gracious host.  They guided me home via a beautiful scenic route and insisted that I stop at the local pet cemetery.  The drive and cemetery were both beautiful.  The next time you are out for a country drive, take time to enjoy a nice visit with a local farm animal.  Just remember not to cross the fence.

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Teaching me Spanish

Mr. Cage posing

Pet Cemetery: Shy

Resting place

The Chapel

Shadows of past friends


The body

Loves green

Misty Morn

Fields of gold



Sleepy morning

Wake up

Breakfast time



165 responses to “Making friends

  1. Haha Frida, that/s great. Love the titles. Neglected had nice contrast, the Body was super cool too but I have to give it to Almost. Great pics Seth. By the way I/ll be sending you the final cover print here this week. Hopefully you/ll be able to open this one!

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