Be a goose!

On my drive yesterday, I stopped at a local access point to the Little Miami River.  I took a walk along side her and captured winter scenes.  I saw some geese enjoying themselves in the water. The Canada geese have a bad reputation in these parts.  They seem to be a bit cranky, are always in the way and leave green poo bombs everywhere.  But let’s forget about their seemingly annoying habits and imagine that we are a gaggle of geese who have just arrived from Ontario for a quick break before heading south.  What would we see?  Does the cold water feel refreshing or is it a bit nippy for us?  Does the Little Miami serve good food?  And what of the scenery? Take a walk with me and for a moment be a goose.

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That you are a goose.

Welcome to the gaggle.

How does it feel?

Now enjoy the scenery.

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